FlashBlock Chrome Extension To Block Flash Content on Websites

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Nowadays, one can pretty much say that 90% of the ads on the internet are based on flash. And although there are many extensions there that should block flash some of them just don’t work as well as they should. FlashBlock is the solution to block every single flash based advertisement in a page. It saves your cpu usage, ram and obviously your computer will be way faster. Also you can block the, more than inconvenient, porn ads. FlashBlock is a great extension which brings more safety to your computer. Works great when used with AdBlock for Google chrome.

FlashBlock Chrome Extension

How to Use FlashBlock Extension For Google Chrome:

After downloading and installing FlashBlock extension for Google Chrome an icon should show up inside your address bar. In order to use a webpage with flash based ads should be open. In order to block all the ads in a website click the flash icon inside your address bar and choose “Always block flash on this website”. After doing that all the flash ads should be gone.
The extension’s context menu also allows you to go to the settings screen to change a few things. There you can choose among other things to whitelist specific flash based apps in pages where they should be blocked. Also with this Google chrome extension you can block microsoft’s siverlight.

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Features of FlashBlock Extension for Google Chrome.

  • Block flash based ads.
  • Navigate safely.
  • Save cpu and ram usage.

Download FlashBlock Extension for Chrome here.

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Works With: Google Chrome
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