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Fastest Facebook is a Facebook plugin for Firefox which you can use to access Facebook in the Firefox sidebar, while you’re browsing other websites in the main window. Having Facebook in a tab means that you have to switch to it to check recent updates, but with this free Facebook plugin for Firefox you can easily monitor the activity of your Facebook account in the sidebar while doing your work in the rest of the tabs.

Facebook plugin for Firefox

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Image above shows us the Fastest Facebook working with a Facebook login being displayed in the sidebar. This free Facebook in the sidebar extension is available for Windows only, installation on other operating systems isn’t possible as of yet. Depending on how large your monitor is, you can stretch the Facebook sidebar and gain even more space than the one that’s present by default in the image above.

Key Features of this Facebook Plugin for Firefox:

  • Run Facebook in the Firefox sidebar, check status, messages, etc.
  • Adjust the size of the sidebar for larger monitors.
  • Quickly create Facebook posts from Firefox sidebar.
  • Browse other website in the main window and do your work normally.

Facebook which is gonna be showed in the sidebar will of course not be a fully featured interface, but rather a slimed down version of it. From the looks of it, it’s probably the mobile version of Facebook, but it can still be used just like the real thing.

How to Create Posts and Read Notifications with Fastest Facebook?

Well, the first thing which you obviously need to do would be login to Facebook, but before that, after you install Fastest Facebook, hit Alt+X to activate it, it won’t start working on it’s on. After you do that, you should be presented with something looking like this:

Fastest Facebook logged in

As you can see, Facebook in the Firefox sidebar provided by this Facebook plugin for Firefox doesn’t really offer the most complete Facebook experience, but all the important things are present there. You have the classic create a new post interface where you can simply type in what’s on your mind, or even upload photos to your Facebook wall. What other people post will be updated and showed to you, and if you want, you can even browse profiles of other people.

Fastest Facebook viewing profile

Notice that we have here expanded the sidebar. The size of it is limited, and this is the highest that it can be expanded. This extra space does make viewing Facebook in the sidebar a bit more easier on the eye. The main menu at the top is no longer compacted and the posts are a lot more easier to read, so if you are planning on using this free Facebook sidebar extension, make sure to try and expand the sidebar. Try out Facebook chat add-on for Firefox and Chrome reviewed by us.


Fastest Facebook offers a very practical way to be up to date with your Facebook account, check on what’s going on with your friends, and also browse and do your everyday routine in the main window. So, go ahead and install it to your Firefox right now.

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Works With: Mozilla Firefox
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