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Temple Run 2 is the next version of Temple Run; available for free on Android. Now play Temple Run on your Android devices, updated with more action, options, graphics, and gameplay.

Temple Run 2 is much advanced than it’s previous version. This game is designed with more graphics, interactive environment, new power ups, and much more. This Android App runs on Android versions 2.1 & up and the download size is 32MB.

temple run 2

About Temple Run Game:

Temple Run is a huge hit among the Android Games and it is available on almost all platforms. In Temple Run, you take the role of a guy who runs from a temple with a cursed idol; who is chased by ghosts. You have to escape from obstacles, broken lands, etc. Collect coins by running on lands, cliffs, and escaping ghosts. In between you have to collect special power ups which help you in collecting coins, escaping from ghosts, etc. The only thing which obstructs you from escaping the ghosts is your reflex action or response time. If you are a second late, you will get hit by trees or obstacles or fall into side by water bodies. Competing for high scores and exploring the thrill is what drives you to repeat this game.

Temple Run 2 is the next version of the game that we discussed above. The gameplay and goal of the game is same; You just have to escape with the idol as far as you can. But this game has better graphics and more action involved. So, experience this new version and find out what more is in this game for you.

temple run 2 play

How To Play Temple Run 2:

Playing Temple Run 2 or it’s older version is simple; but it depends on how quick you respond. So, watch for those suddenly appearing hindrances to stop you from escaping with idol. So, get acquainted with the controls properly. Initially when you start the game you will be given small training on how to play the game. The controls are:

  • To jump in between gaps or for collecting power ups, swipe on the screen in upward direction.
  • To slide below caves or gaps, just swipe in downward direction.
  • To turn left or right, swipe left or right.
  • To collect coins or to adjust your position, tilt your device in that direction.

Downloading Temple Run 2 on Android:

To download Temple Run 2 on Android, scan the below QR code.

qr code

Or just click here to view the game in Google Play Store and install it from there.

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Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 8 Average: 4]
Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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