Hide Taskbar App Icons In Tablet Mode In Windows 10

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In a number of my recent Windows 10 focused write-ups, I’ve talked about the plethora of amazing features that Windows 10 totes, and how these make it probably the most exciting Windows version ever. One such feature is the Tablet Mode, which automatically optimizes the entire Windows 10 UI for use with touch-input based devices such as tablets (hence the name). That being said, usage of Windows 10 on touch-input based devices generally involves modern apps, which are better suited to that environment. And this means that the regular desktop applications (the ones that require mouse & keyboard input) aren’t really used with the Tablet Mode.

Probably this is the reason that Windows 10 makes it possible to hide the desktop app icons (e.g. shortcuts, pinned applications) on the taskbar. Sounds like something you can use? Move past the break to see how you can hide taskbar app icons in tablet mode in Windows 10

disable app icons on taskbar in tablet mode

How To Hide Taskbar App Icons In Tablet Mode In Windows 10?

Disabling app icons displayed on the taskbar while the Tablet Mode is activated is pretty straightforward, and takes nothing more than a few clicks. Read through the detailed tutorial explained below, which should be more than enough to get things off to a smooth start:

Step 1: As you’re pretty much aware, tweaking just about everything in Windows 10 requires delving into the modern UI Settings app. So fire it up, and click on the System sub-category:

windows 10 modern settings (1)

Step 2: From the listing of options displayed in the left pane, click on Tablet Mode, and move on to the right to see its associated detailed settings. Finally, under the Tablet Mode sub-section, click the virtual toggle button corresponding to the Hide app icons on the taskbar when in Tablet Mode option to On. Here’s a graphic:

windows 10 disable taskbar app icons in tablet mode

That’s it folks. Going forward, whenever you enable the Tablet Mode in Windows 10, the icons for the native desktop apps displayed on the taskbar will be automatically hidden. Here’s to a more enjoyable and natural touch-optimized experience!

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Wrap Up

Tablet Mode is one of the most impressive features of Windows 10, as it shows firsthand how Windows 10 lets you have a seamless user experience across a variety of devices. And the fact that you can hide traditional desktop icons on the taskbar from view, makes it that much better. Take it for a spin, you’ll love it.

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