5 Proxy Management Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 proxy management addons for Firefox, which you can use to improve the default proxy manager that Firefox has, which let’s be honest isn’t that great. Options are hidden behind lots of menus. That’s not good because proxies settings have to, sometimes at least, be changed very fast, on the fly. If you’d like like to know how to manage proxies more easily in Firefox, stick to this list and I’ll show you some great addons that can help you do just that.

LocaProxy Toolbar

LocaProxy Toolbar lets you manage Firefox’s proxy settings from the toolbar, see image down below. Unlimited number of proxies can be added to the LocaProxy list.

proxy management addons firefox 1

To switch between added proxies, use the drop down proxy selector to the left. Proxy will only be used once the Enable button is pressed. This will load up selected proxy to Firefox settings, so that the next time you open a website, it’s filtered through the setup proxy that way keeping your identity hidden.

Get LocaProxy Toolbar.

FoxyProxy Standard

FoxyProxy Standard is one of the most advanced proxy management addons that I’ve seen. Massive amounts of options are available, and will keep you occupied for quite some time to figure them all out, see image down below.

proxy management addons firefox 2

First you’ll need to fill up the proxy list by clicking on the Add Proxy button. Then you’ll be able to easily activate proxies and switch between them using the proxy icon at the top.

Get FoxyProxy Standard.

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Proxy Selector

Proxy Selector is a proxy management extension which will add its controls to both the right click context menu and the top right corner toolbar. You can see this whole setup on the image down below.

proxy management addons firefox 3

Use the Manage Proxies option to first add proxies to the rotation. After that they are easily switched between and controlled using the Proxies option. Each proxy that you select is automatically loaded into Firefox settings, without you having to open them yourself.

Get Proxy Selector.

Toggle Proxy

Toggle Proxy is perfect for people who switch between two Firefox proxy settings. It doesn’t matter if these settings are manual proxy, automatic proxy, no proxy, you can set them all as “toggles” on Toggle Proxy, so that it’s easier to switch between them using the toolbar at the top.

proxy management addons firefox 4

Simply keep clicking on the toolbar icon and you’re gonna be switching between the two proxy settings that you previously set in the addon settings.

Get Toggle Proxy.

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GuifiProxy lets you add multiple proxies to its list. To add them, you’ll need to open up proxy setting.

proxy management addons firefox 5

Once you’ve added proxies to the list, they can be activated and imported into Firefox from the top right corner icon, the toolbar icon, see image above. This makes switching between proxies much easier than having to do it by manually changing settings.

Get GuifiProxy.


GuifiProxy and FoxyProxy are my favorites, but all the proxy management addons mentioned above will do just fine if you’re looking for an easier way to manage proxy settings in Firefox. Give them all a try and let me know how it goes in the comments down below.

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