4 Page Rank Checker Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 4 page rank checker software for Windows 10 which can be used to check the page rank of websites. Page rank (PR for short) is a website popularity metric, which is used by Google to determine how high in Google search results a certain website is going to be placed. Higher PR means higher rankings means more visitors to your website. Page rank checker will help you keep a close eye on PR of your websites on your Windows 10 powered PCs.

Let’s look at these software below.


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PaRaMeter is a small and lightweight page rank checker software which can look up page rank of multiple websites at once.

Before you’ll be able to check page rank of a website it first needs to be added to the check list. This can be done manually, one website at a time, or you can import a CSV/TXT document with a list of websites. Once the list is full, click on the green “Check” button from the toolbar above to check page rank. Results can be exported as CSV, should you need it.

Get PaRaMeter.

Netpeak Checker

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Netpeak Checker is a more advance page rank checker than PaRaMeter. You can see that on the image above. It will check much more than just page rank, and multiple domains can be checked at once.

To check page rank, first the domains that you want checked have to be added to the list. This can again be done by manually adding them one by one, or you can copy-paste multiple domains at once. After that tweak the search parameters using the left sidebar. Next to page rank, this software also performs SEO page analysis, looks up server info, domain index status, checks the number of backlinks and it checks the website status with other popular website performance tracking websites like Alexa and Ahrefs. Results can be exported as XLSX (Office 2007). Note that you’ll have to type in captcha codes when looking up multiple domains, because constant requests made by the software will flag you as spam.

Get Netpeak Checker.

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Google PageRank Checker

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Google PageRank Checker is another simple and lightweight extension which focuses only on checking page rank. Both individual and multi-domain page rank checkups are possible.

The first window that pops up after launching the application is a single web page look up tool. Multi-page look up tool can be activated by clicking on the “Check More Web Pages” button.

Get Google PageRank Checker.

Free Google Pagerank Checker

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Free Google Pagerank Checker lets you check the page rank of up to 5 websites at a time. Each website has to be entered manually into the application unfortunately, which is a bit of a drawback.

Results of the page rank check-up are displayed on the right, next to the domain input fields, in the form of the official page rank badge.

Get Free Google Pagerank Checker.

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Out of the 4 page rank checker software for Windows 10 from the list above, the first two from the top are the ones that caught my eye the most, PaRaMeter and Netpeak Checker. PaRaMeter can check multiple websites at once, while keeping things simple, while Netpeak Checker on the other hand is much more advanced, with more features if that’s something that you’re looking for. Leave a comment down below and let me know which page rank software you use.

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