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Here are 4 free Online Voice Recorders to record voice online. These free voice recorders are completely web based and do not require any download. You can record your voice messages easily and then these voice messages can be shared with friends and family.



Vocaroo is a free voice recorder. You can easily record your voice and email them to your friends. The application is simple to use and very easy to record voice for your friends and blog. This freeware is designed to record your voice from your system’s mic and record it for you in high quality sound. You can share your recordings with your friends via email or post it to the web.

Since this freeware is completely web based, you need not download any file and set up. Just log on to the application web site and start using the freeware. You require no sign ups no registration. The application is developed with very easy to use interface. The freeware records your voice by clicking simple ‘record’ button. Once you have click on to the record button, the application will start recording your voice. When you finish click on to the stop button and thus your voice is recorded.

The freeware allows you to post your recoded voice right in your web site or blog or you can also send to Vocaroo. The freeware will immediately give you URL of your recording, so that you can directly paste your link to the desired web site and share it with everyone. Or you can personalize the message and send it to your friends for any purpose. You can also download the recording and save it to your disk in Wav or Ogg format.

Try Vocaroo free here.

If you want to download some sound recorder on your PC, you can try software like AVS Audio Recorder, Moo0 Voice recorder or Sonarca Sound recorder.



Voisse is another freeware in our list that allows you to record your voice online without using any external aids and mics, use simple your system’s microphone and you can record your voice right from your browser. This effective application is simple to use and very easy to understand. You can record your voice right from the web browser. This application requires you to sign up a short simple form and you can start using this service for free.

With this free edition, you can use this application for unlimited recording and sharing. The freeware has recorder type interface which is very easy to understand and operate. You can use this application for recording or also for uploading your recordings already made and saved by you. The freeware has additional features and functions other than normal recording service software that you might find helpful. For the record, you can add image and description, keep it private or share it public, via email, social networking sites and embed after registration.

The application is designed to maintain a common library for you, which contains all types of recodings done by you and all he people using this freeware. You can find various recordings in this online library and use them as per your convenience. According to your preference you can private your recordings or share them with everyone in the web. Catalogue and tag your voices with this free and simple tool while this can easily be grouped together to create fantastic slideshows each with their personal narrations, giving relevance and context and a rich user experience.

Try Voisse free here.

Aviary Myna

aviary myna

Aviary Myna is a free software that helps you to record your voice online and you can also edit your recordings like crop them or remix them. The freeware is developed with various tools and techniques that helps you to record fine voice with your own ordinary microphone. When you use this freeware, you will notice various other features that audio editor possess. Thus with this simple freeware you can not only record your voice but also edit them before sharing them with world.

Update: (July 08, 2013) The service is no longer available.

The audio editor in this freeware helps you to trim, loop, and stretch and reverse your audio clips, width editable loop points, and interactive time stretch capabilities. Once you have finished recording, you can easily apply any of the edit techniques to your recordings that suits your mood. Remixing your recordings with this freeware is also very easy. You can successfully add effects and automations to your file with this freeware. The freeware provides wide range of effects like fade in and out, editing control points and pan from left or right.

The freeware also allows you to share your recordings with your friends and family using social networking tools. Share your creations with the world using Facebook or Twitter. You can also download it as a MP3 or WAV file, embed it into your website, publish it various web site using auto generated HTML code.

Read more about Myna, or try Aviary Myna free here.



Soundation is last on our list of free online voice recording software. This tool is powerful voice recording tool that helps you to record your voice and than refine it before sharing it to the world. You can directly use this application form your web browser without any sign ups and registration. However, you will be required to sign up once you have recorded your voice and want to save it in the cloud.

The free application has free studio that has all the functionalities of the recording studio. You can record various tracks and than add effects and automation to your recordings. Though using this freeware is very easy, still the freeware contains such features that might only advanced users may find useful. The freeware has very intuitive interface will all the tabs and buttons easily recognizable.

This freeware is a powerful tool for creating music online. The application has simple sequencer that contains many of the features that may be useful to you, as you can record high quality voice with your inbuilt microphone and without bothering for any penny. The application studio is designed to provide you all the useful features at one place and give you easy to use interface for easy operation.

You can also edit settings in the application before starting your recordings. Alter the buffer size and add plugins to the app for easy recording. You can record directly from the microphone input on your computer into a highlighted channel in freeware studio. Enjoy your recordings with this freeware and share them with everyone.

Try Soundation free here.

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