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Moo0 Voice Recorder is a small free software to record your voice on your PC. It also lets you record your PC sound along with your voice. You can record just PC sound as well. Moo0 Voice Recorder can save the audio file in WAV and MP3 format.

It is very easy to record voice and PC sound with Moo0 Voice Recorder. Just start the software, and click on Play to start recording. It can even remove the sections where there is no sound. If you are looking for a simple voice recorder for your PC, this one can come handy.

Record Your Voice using Moo0 Voice Recorder:

Moo0 Voice Recorder lets you easily record your voice, system audio, or both, with few mouse clicks. It offers you to record your own voice using microphones, or system audio, including internet radio, Skype, or streaming music. You can even record sounds from the video clips you are watching, and protected WMA files. The first thing you need to do is to configure Moo0 to adjust sound settings for Speakers, Microphone, and other system sounds, like Windows startup sound.

  • Configure Playback: You can configure speakers to adjust audio channels, set volume balance, and output microphone sound to speakers.

  • Configure Recordings: This section allows you to adjust settings for your microphone, stereo jack, and other line-in devices. You need to connect and configure your microphones if you want to record your own voice.
  • Configure Sounds: Here, you can configure all the sounds applied to events in Windows and programs. Like, sound produced on Windows logon, sound produced on an email notification, low battery alarm, etc. You can record all these sounds along with your own voice with Moo0 Voice Recorder.
  • Configure Communications: This section lets you configure Windows to automatically adjust sounds of other programs when you place or receive a call using your PC.

After configuring all the sections, you can start recording your voice with few mouse clicks. Just browse a folder where you want to keep all your recordings, select a file name and type (.mp3 or .wav), select a recording option, set Boost volume level, and hit the “Start Recording” button. You can select one of the following recording options: “Only Voice”, “Voice and PC Sound”, or “Only PC Sound”. Feel free to pause the recording anywhere and press the “Stop” button to finish recording. This recording will be saved into the output folder with the specified file name in selected file format.

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Features of Moo0 Voice Recorder:

  • Multiple Recording options: Moo0 Voice Recorder lets you record your own voice, your voice along with the PC sound, or just the PC sound. 
  • Multiple Setting options: It provides a variety of setting options to control recording quality, show timer panels, change skin, file renaming, etc.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: It provides various keyboard shortcuts to quickly record your voice through keyboard commands.
  • Cut Silence: Moo0 Voice Recorder offerers this great feature to remove sections where there is no sound.
  • Overwrite: It also provides an overwrite option for your recordings.
  • Boost: You can boost the level of your recording, or set it back, by a 10% level parameter.
  • File Formats: It allows you to save your recordings in two most common file formats: MP3 and WAV.
  • Transparency: You can also change the transparency level of the application’s interface.
  • Language options: Moo0 Voice Recorder provides support for over 28 languages.

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The Final Verdict:

Moo0 Voice Recorder is a handy and easy to use Windows utility to record your voice and other sounds from system. It provides options to reduce noise levels and cut silence. You can use this tiny application to record good quality sound using microphones.

Download Moo0 Voice Recorder free.

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