5 Free Software To Create Password Protected Virtual Drive On Your PC

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Here is a list of 5 free software to create password protected virtual drive on your PC. Such a software lets you create new portion, that looks like a new drive, and password protect it to keep the data safe. We all know that there are so many software out there that let you password protect your files separately, but what if you have too many secret files, or you are simple tired of password protecting files one by one. A virtual drive that can keep all your data safely seems to be useful in such a scenario, and many more. You do not also have to remember multiple passwords. So, go ahead and check out the list given below.

The 5 free software to create password protected virtual drive mentioned in this article are Lock Disk, Vanish Crypt, Secret Disk, Virtual Disk Utility, and BeSafe Secure Drive. 

Lock Disk:


To begin with, Lock Disk is the first free software that you can use to create password protected virtual drive. It is a easy to use software and is very lightweight in size. Moreover, it gives you complete controls to create a virtual drive of your choice. You can select the location of the drive, its size, and obviously, its password. The number of files you can add depends on the size you set for your virtual drive. The newly created drive can easily be transferred to USB flash drives, portable hard disk, etc. and your data will stay protected under a password.

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Vanish Crypt:


Vanish Crypt is the next software in this list to create password protected virtual drive and mount files inside it. You have to start by creating a virtual drive, that you can save anywhere on your PC. Setting a password is the next step to follow. Once its done, you can start adding files on the interface and close it when you are done. The next time you open it, a pop will appear that will ask you for the password. Yes, it is as simple as that. The software is lightweight in size and does not require any installation.

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Secret Disk:

password protected virtual drive

The framework of Secret Disk completely justifies its name. The software is different from some of the other software mentioned here. It creates a virtual drive automatically and the drive stays invisible when you do not need it. The software takes space from your hard disk and lets you password protect as many files as you want. All the files are protected by the password you set. When you have to access the password protected virtual drive, open the program, enter the password, and access your files. The drive will disappear as soon as you close it.

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Virtual Disk Utility:

Virtual-Disk-Utility-password protected virtual drive

Virtual Disk Utility is the next software in this list to create password protected virtual drive. The software extracts space from your hard drive and creates a new looking virtual drive. As you keep adding more and more files to this protected drive, its size keeps swelling. The drive is also portable like USB drive and you have to disconnect it from the interface, once you are done accessing your secret files. One good thing about this software is that it can be used both for PC and Mac and the files in your virtual drive can also be shifted among them.

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BeSafe Secure Drive:

Besafe-Virtual-drive-Created-password protected virtual drive

BeSafe Secure Drive is the last software that I have included in this list. But, the position of this software in this list has nothing to do with its functioning (I am just too careless to go in a chronological manner). The software has some very useful features to use. You can easily create a virtual drive and protect it with a password. You can set the name of your drive and its location as well. While the drive is not in use, it will stay invisible to provide you complete security. Just make sure to remember your password all the time.

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Try out all these above mentioned software and give us your feedback in the ensuing comments section.

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