5 Free Markdown To Word Converter Websites

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Here are 5 free Markdown to Word converter websites. You add the input as Markdown file (*.md) and these websites generate output in DOCX format. Some of these websites also come with the feature to convert Markdown to PDF, HTML, ODT, TEX, etc.

You will find a few unique features also in some of these Markdown to DOCX converters. For example, you can edit the Markdown content and preview the output, upload Markdown file from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box account, convert an online Markdown file, batch convert Markdown to DOCX, etc.

Let’s begin with the first free Markdown to Word converter website available in this list.


CloudConvert MD to DOCX

CloudConvert is a very good online option to convert Markdown to Word document. The best part is you can convert maximum 5 Markdown files to DOCX files at a time which is not provided by rest of the websites in this list. Apart from that, it gives multiple options to import Markdown files. You can add Markdown (MD) files from PC, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts. The output files can also be downloaded to PC or in any of these cloud storage accounts.

Its free plan provides 25 conversion minutes per day, 5 Markdown files in batch, 1 GB maximum file size, and 25 minutes conversion time for a single Markdown file. The free plan has limitations, but I believe it is good for personal use.

This free Markdown to Word converter website also provides an option to delete your files after conversion. Even if you don’t delete files by yourself, the website automatically removes them after 24 hours.

Document Converter

Document Converter- interface

Document Converter is a multipurpose website in terms of conversion. It is so because it lets you convert Markdown to Word, HTML, ODT, PDF, TXT, or other supported formats. Apart from that, you can also use it to convert ABW, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, TEX, TRF and other files to any of the output formats supported by it.

I also like the interface of this Markdown to Word converter website. You can drop a file from PC or upload it manually, set output as DOCX, and click on Convert button. It also lets you convert an online Markdown file by adding its URL. The maximum file size limit in this website is 10 MB. The input Markdown file is processed automatically and is converted to DOCX format. Once the file is converted, you can download it to your PC. If you are looking for a very simple Markdown to DOCX converter website, then Document Converter is very useful.

Markdown to Word Online

Markdown to Word Online- interface

Update 2022: This website no longer exists. Try some other website from this list instead.

Markdown to Word Online the name itself indicates the purpose of this website. It’s a very simple website to convert Markdown to DOCX document. I also like its straightforward interface where only main options are available. You upload your MD file from PC and tap on “Convert” button. It will process the file and give you the output as DOCX document.

This website uses Pandoc, which is a very popular command line file converter tool. But, you don’t have to install that tool on your PC to use this website. It automatically uses that tool and converts Markdown to Word file. If you want to avoid extra tools and additional set up for converting Markdown to DOCX format, then you should give a try to this website.

Markdown to Word Converter

Markdown to Word Converter Interface

Markdown to Word Converter (Homepage) is the simplest website in this list. Like other websites, it also lets you convert a Markdown file to DOCX document. But, you can’t upload a Markdown file directly. You need to copy all the Markdown content and paste it in the available text box. This seems a bit annoying but the output is generated very well. There is also a benefit of pasting Markdown content manually. You are able to check the input file content and edit that content to get output DOCX file as per your requirements. So, pasting or adding Markdown content is not that bad.

Interface of this website is very simple. Once you have pasted the content of Markdown file, you need to press Convert button to get the output DOCX document. That’s all this website does.


Markable.in website interface

Markable.in is also a useful Markdown to Word converter website. It provides features similar to Markdown to Word Converter website (mentioned above). You need to add the content of Markdown file and then you can save that code as DOCX file. You can also edit the Markdown content before saving the output. But, this website has many advantages over the above-mentioned website.

It lets you preview the output file content side by side on its interface. Apart from that, you can use this website to convert Markdown to PDF, HTML, or save the output to Dropbox or Evernote account. You can also import Markdown file from Dropbox or Evernote account and then convert that document to DOCX file. So, some good features are present in this website and therefore it has easily managed to reserved its place in this list of best free Markdown to Word converter websites.

The Conclusion:

Among all these online Markdown to Word converters, I would prefer “CloudConvert”. The reason is that it gives the feature to convert 5 Markdown files at once and supports different ways to import Markdown documents. The rest of the Markdown to DOCX converter websites have their own importance. So, I would say you should try all these websites and check which one is most suitable for you.

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