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Pandoc is a free document conversion software. With the help of Pandoc you can convert files from one markup to the other. You can convert a markdown file to a man page and many such conversions are possible with the help of this software.

This free document converter does all the document markup conversion from command line, but makes it extremely easy to do that. Here is a simple example to convert a text file to an ebook:


Let’s check out the major features of this software:

  • LaTex to DocBook conversion is possible with the help of this software.
  • Same way you can convert an HTML file to a MediaWiki file.
  • Besides having standalone executable Pandoc also has Haskell library.
  • Pandoc is able to understand most of the markdown syntax extensions such as: footnotes; delimited code blocks; strikeout; definition lists; document metadata (with the information like title, author, date); enhanced ordered lists (here starting number and numbering style are important); tables; markdown inside HTML blocks; superscript and subscript; and TeX math.
  • Moreover, it understands these syntax extensions as well: “smart” quotes, ellipses and dashes; syntax highlighting; and tables of contents which are automatically generated.
  • Pandoc is capable of reading markdown and the sub sets of LaTex, HTML and reStructuredText.
  • Using the markdown2pdf wrapper script you can create a PDF output via LaTex.
  • In case if you want the markdown compatibility you can use the command-line flag to turn off all the above mentioned extensions.
  • Pandoc is able to write the following: write plain text, EPUB ebooks, reStructuredText, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, RTF, ConTeXt , DocBook XML, markdown, OpenDocument XML, MediaWiki markup, groff man pages, S5, ODT, GNU Texinfo and Slidy HTML slide shows .
  • For every input and output format, the library includes a separate module. Therefore you just need to add a module to include a new input or output format.

You can also check out audio converters, video converters, and image converters.

Pandoc is a completely free software which was released under GPL. Download it here.

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