5 Eye Care Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 eye care extensions for Google Chrome where you can find extensions that will help you reduce eye strain and protect your eyesight in case you spend a lot of time using Chrome. Predominantly white colors which are present on the web, small fonts that cause us to squint, and myriad of other similar issues can be a real pain in the eye. Luckily there are various extensions in the Chrome Webstore designed to help with these kind of problems. They will change colors, fonts, resize website elements so that pages are easier to view and read.

Let’s see how they work exactly.

Night Mode Eye Guard

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Night Mode Eye Guard is an eye care extension for Chrome which is going to darken all the websites you visit so that the omnipresent whiteness of the web isn’t hurting your eyes when reading articles at night.

Background colors are going to be turned into mild grayish tones, while the text to white with hints of gray. Images aren’t going to be affected. On the image above Night Mode Eye Guard is active on ILoveFreeSoftware. Color matching is really good. You won’t get black text on black background or anything like that.

Get Night Mode Eye Guard.

Screen Shader

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Screen Shader kicks it up a notch by letting you dim the entire page, both images and text. Whats more, the extension automatically detects your location and starts working at night, when a bright screen causes eye strain the most.

Click on the top right corner icon to access settings. Extension lets you tweak shade colors, and it also has an option for setting up per website rules.

Get Screen Shader.

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Zoom Text Only

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Zoom Text Only is the perfect tool to have when dealing with websites that use small, difficult to read fonts. Even though more popular websites aren’t doing this anymore, there are still those that do, and what Zoom Text Only does it zooms in on text so its easier to read.

Now you’re thinking to yourself, well Chrome does this on its own. Well it does, but Chrome’s zoom also increases image size, which breaks website layouts. Zoom Text Only focuses entirely on text. That way text is easier to read, without breaking page layout.

Get Zoom Text Only.


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eyeCare takes a bit of a different approach when it comes to eye protection. It doesn’t have any kind of active protection like changing colors of the page, shading or changing the font size.

eyeCare plays the role of a notifier that warns you when it’s time to take a break. Breaks are also an important aspect of proper eye care when in front of a computer screen for longer periods of time. 5, 10, 15 and so on, up to 60 minute work sessions can be setup, after which notifications go off. Eye exercises and even lower back exercises are suggested during breaks.

Get eyeCare.

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ESI Stylish

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ESI Stylish is basically a tool for installing and applying custom, easier to read, style sheets to websites.

What’s changed is the font size and font type to make them easier to read (without squinting). Small drawback of this extension is that not all websites are supported. Whether or not there are styles for that particular website depends on if someone made it, submitted it to the online repository.

Get ESI Stylish.


All 5 eye care extensions from the list above are quite useful, each in its own way. I suggest that you at the very least have Screen Shader and Zoom Text Only installed, because those two are actually the ones that I personally use. Let me know which extensions you ended up using by leaving a comment down below.

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