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Skype is the most recent popular web application in the run that allows you to make free calls and video calls around the globe that too absolutely free. You can talk with your loved ones anywhere and anytime. Skype is very easy to use, as it works just like any other messenger, however the features and functionality are modern and extraordinary. The application will let you make Skype to Skype calls like any other, which are much similar to traditional calls. Therefore, if you are away from your friends and family and loved ones, than free Skype is there to lessen the distance.

This Voice over IP (VoIP) service is absolutely easy to use and you can make free calls over internet. The Skype service do not run servers like any other companies in the same genre, instead they make use of the background processing on computers that are running Skype software. You just need to download this freeware from the web site and install it into your system.

Very interestingly, the Skype allows its users to make free video calls using the Skype software. Therefore, the users at both the end should have Skype installed in their PC. The domain was set up with the motive to introduce VoIP voice calls that enhance sky peer-to-peer services. The application can be used at home and work as well. However, the freeware offers vast services in many areas but the home users can use the freeware to make video/ Skype calls and instant messaging. You can use the service for keeping contact with your loved ones and casual catch ups.

Traditional calls over phone charge you fortune when and global calling is all the more expensive. Nevertheless, using voice calling service using Skype is just no more matter of money. You can make Skype calls anywhere in world and save few bucks for better things. At the same time, you will be able to keep in contact with your friends and family without bothering of the distance. However it should be kept in mind that Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and can’t be used for emergency calling.

Features of Skype 5:

Free Video Calls

Skype offers HD video quality while you can talk with your callers free of cost and face-to-face. The latest skype offers you clear image and crisp clarity so that video calling is no more problematic and you can see your callers with ease and clearly. You can talk to them live, see their emotions, excitement, and feel the experience of talking to them as if they are in front of you. The sharp video quality does not ruin your excitement to see and talk with your callers. Why only personal calls? You can save your bucks on travelling and talk with your associates and colleagues with Skype video calls. Share your ideas, greet the meetings and collaborate with the business members that too free of cost. With Skype video calling you will never miss those special moments, and be there when it matters most.

Skype-to-Skype free calls

You can talk with anyone in the world who has Skype installed in his or her PC. Calling to the Skype users is very easy. Since Skype offers you, calls free of cost all over the world than why thinking before you call abroad relatives and friends. Yu can also establish your business abroad using Skype-to-Skype free calls features. The cost of international calls are touching sky, in this scenario if you are desired to to expand your business in the global horizons, then try out the free service that will let you create personal image on the business associates and moreover you save you resources and time when you conduct meetings with them. Add all of your colleagues, clients, and suppliers to Skype and call them for free.

All you need to download the application and ad contacts to the list. Now make calls and video calls just by clicking the tabs in the window.

Instant messaging

The application does not only support calls but also has in built instant messenger for you chat over with your friends. The application simply works like any other IM client and you can add your friends and family and chat with them easily without thinking of emails and phone tag. The feature also helps at times when you want quick response t of the questions at work. If the other end user, do not support speakers and web cam and still its urgent to talk with them, than why bother to spend, just chat away with them and get your  queries sorted. When you see people are online, ping them and get instant answers to quick questions, whether your colleagues are next door or on the other side of the world.

Screen Sharing

One of the many of the interesting feature of the Skype consists of Screen sharing. The screen sharing feature of the Skype helps you to share your ideas with the colleagues and workers when you are out of the office. With this screen sharing feature you can talk away with them and share the project papers and documents with the users at the other end and complete your meetings with ease, without wasting time over travel. You can show photos and presentations over a Skype call easily and keep in control of what you want to share.

Facebook Integration:

Skype now shows you Facebook news feed as well. You can also IM your facebook friends, or call them with Skype.

Skype Conference Calls:

Skype now allows conference calls as well. If all of the participants are on Skype, then it is completely free. It is also possible to have a conference call between Skype and non-Skype users having traditional phones.

Call to Phone Lines with Skype:

This is one of the greatest evolutions of Skype. It lets you make calls to phone numbers in most of the countries. You of course have to pay for that, but the prices are quite competitive, and you can make the call as if you were calling any regular Skype contact.

Skype To Go Numbers:

If you call someone often in another country, then you can get a Skype To Go number for them. This number will be in your region. When you call this number from your phone, it will forward the call to your contact. It will be just a local call to you, and you are still able to call your contact in other country for cheap. This service is not free, but very cheap if you make international calls often to a few numbers. These numbers are available for people located in USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, and more.

Skype Online Numbers:

This is another great service of Skype, and I used it for quite some time. You can basically get a phone number in country and area of your choice. When someone calls on that number, it rings your Skype account, and you can take call from your Skype messenger. This comes very handy when you are travelling, and still want people to reach you. You can also get Skype numbers of various countries, so that any call that originates from those countries is a cheap call for the callers, and you get it on your Skype messenger. This service costs a low fixed cost per month. The numbers are available in USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealans, South Africa, UK, and more.

Group Video Calling with Skype:

Skype has also launched Group Video calling feature, where you can have a conference video call with a group of people. Unfortunately, this feature is not free.

Skype Manager:

Skype is becoming more and more popular among business users because it dramatically slashes the cost of phone calls, and video conference calls. Also, there are a lot of devices that support Skype, and that makes using Skype in workplace a breeze. Skype Manager is a feature for businesses that let them manage all their Skype accounts centrally. You can create Skype accounts for your employees, assign Skype credit to each of them, monitor their Skype usage, and decide which features are available to which employees.


Skype runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and smart phones.

Apart from these features, Skype lets you send SMS, send large files, Voicemail, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, and more.

Skype has emerged into a full fledged communications suite. You can chat, do audio chat, video chat, make voice calls to phone, do video conferencing, get phone number to receiving incoming calls, send SMS, and more. If you try to use all features of Skype, you really won’t need any other communication service. Only thing Skype seems to be lacking is a fax service, but I am sure that would also be added. Meanwhile, you can setup your own free virtual fax machine. Try out Skype, if you don’t have it installed already.

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