5 Audio CD Ripper Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 audio CD ripper software for Windows 10 which you can use to rip music from audio CDs. Ripping music from CDs helps you backup your music collection, in case the CDs get scratched or damaged in some other way also in case that they become unreadable. You also get to enjoy in your music on smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. Since Windows 10 is about to be released, I decided to look up which audio CD ripper applications work best on it.

Here’s what I found.

FreeRIP MP3 Converter

audio cd ripper software windows 10 1

I’ll start the list off with FreeRIP MP3 Converter, which is a lightweight and easy to use audio CD ripper software for Windows 10.

On the image above you can see FreeRIP in action. Left sidebar holds a list of songs from the audio CD, which is automatically recognized. Song title and artist information is also automatically fetched from online CD databases and appropriate ID3 tag info is filled out. You just need to look for cover images. On the right you have an editor for manually editing MP3 tag info. Song playback is possible using a built-in player.

Get FreeRIP MP3 Converter.


audio cd ripper software windows 10 2

CDex is a portable audio CD ripper software, which works just fine with Windows 10. It will detect audio CD automatically and load it up into the application.

Unfortunately on the same audio CD where FreeRIP discovered ID3 tag data (artist and song info), CDex wasn’t able to do the same. It might work better with other CDs, because connectivity with CDDB and MusicBrainz website does exist.

Get CDex.

Also, have a look at Free Audio Converter And CD Ripper: LightMan Converter.

Express Rip CD Ripper

audio cd ripper software windows 10 3

Express Rip CD Ripper automatically detected song and artist info, and filled out the appropriate ID3 tag data.

You just need to open up options (by clicking on Options from the top toolbar) and tweak the output format, before clicking on the RIP CD button to start backing up songs. I wasn’t able to find album art download anywhere, which is a small drawback, but you can add album art manually later on.

Get Express Rip CD Ripper.


audio cd ripper software windows 10 4

Audiograbber is a neatly packed and small in size audio CD ripper software, which has pretty much everything you will need for ripping audio CDs into MP3 files.

Output format and quality is completely configurable. To fetch metadata just click on the Freedb button from the toolbar at the top. When done with the setup, click on the Grab button to start ripping songs.

Get Audiograbber.

Also, have a look at Free Audio Video Converter, Audio Extractor, Audio CD Ripper.

EZ CD Audio Converter Free

audio cd ripper software windows 10 5

EZ CD Audio Converter Free is probably the most interesting audio CD ripper software, which automatically downloads metadata and album cover, as soon as the application is run.

You only need to make sure that the audio CD is in your computer. Output format can be tweaked and metadata can also be tweaked manually, if it’s not correct, or EZ CD Audio Converter Free can’t find it online.

Get EZ CD Audio Converter Free.


I suggest that you give EZ CD Audio Converter Free spin first, simple because it offers the most features, namely the album art download. Express Rip CD Ripper is close behind. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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