5 Amazon Price Tracker Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Amazon price tracker extensions for Google Chrome which you can use in order to keep track of price changes for items that’re being sold on Amazon. By checking price history for items, you can make sure that you’re buying an item when the price isn’t being spiked by Amazon. Amazon has a habit of changing prices, periodically increasing them, in order to maximize profits. With these price tracker extensions, you can check and see if a price of a given item is a price that’s hiked up and that way save money, by not buying the item but rather waiting for a time when its price comes down.

I have already reviewed some Amazon extensions for Chrome that help you in shopping on Amazon, but the extensions listed here are specifically meant for price tracking purpose, and can be used in conjunction with extensions I reviewed earlier.

The Camelizer – Amazon Price Tracker

Camelizer works not just with Amazon, but also with other online retailers like Newegg and Best Buy. After installing the extension, its icon is gonna be added to the address bar.

Chrome amazone price histoy extensions camelizer

Once that you have opened an item, click on the icon. This is gonna load up the price history chart. You can see on this chart that the current price is a “low price”, and if we decided to buy the item just a couple of weeks ago, it would have cost a lot more. To track price drops, you will need to setup an account with the extensions’ website.

Get The Camelizer.

Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon Price Tracker works the same way that Camelizer does, only instead of adding icons to the toolbar, it integrates itself to the product page.

Chrome amazone price histoy extensions keepa price tracker

This means that after installing the extension, the only thing that you need to do in order to track prices with it is open up a product on Amazon. Price history chart is gonna be shown right away under the product description. Price watching is also available.

Get Amazon Price Tracker.

Also check out Amazon price alert websites.

The Tracktor – Price History Tracker

Just Like Amazon Price Tracker, Tracktor also adds its graph directly to the product page.

Chrome amazone price histoy extensions tracktor

Other than installing it, you don’t have to do anything else. This extension doesn’t have price history for as many products as previous two have, but it can still be useful. You also get one click price watching setup which can keep you notified about a drop in price for watched products.

Get The Tracktor.


If you’re only interested in tracking changes in price, and not viewing price charts, then PriceDrop is what you need.

Chrome amazone price histoy extensions price drop

There’s also no registrations, just one click and prices for the selected products are gonna be tracked. As soon as the price of a tracked product goes down you’ll know about it right away.

Get PriceDrop.

Steam Deal Finder

Steam Deal Finder is actually an extension that works with Steam, a very popular online game distributer.

Chrome amazone price histoy extensions steam price finder

It’s gonna look for cheap Amazon alternatives to Steam games when you’re browsing games on Steam. With this extension you might find a cheaper deal on Amazon or you can use it if you would rather have a physical copy of the game in your hands.

Get Steam Deal Finder.


It’s important to note here that not all of the Amazon products have price history charts or can have their prices tracked by price tracker extensions. Camelizer seems to be the best, but depending on which products you’re shopping, other extensions might have better product prices history databases. Try them and let us know what you think in comments down below.

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