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BrightNest is a free online service which you can use in order to take better care of your home. Majority of home owners are not familiar with all the different tasks that owning a home involves. With BrightNest you can create a virtual version of your home, setup everything that you have in both the interior and exterior after which BrightNest is gonna give you advice on all the different tasks that you need to to take care of your house properly.

BrightNest default window

To use BrightNest you’re first gonna have to register and after you login there should be a home setup wizard waiting for you. There you’re gonna have to describe your home, select if your home has air conditioning, select the type of water heaters you have, pools, lawns, how many people are living in the house, do you have pets anything and everything that can be important when it comes to maintenance. After you’re done with the wizard, you should see the main interface which can be seen on the image above. Some of the more interesting features of BrightNest are:

  • Home maintenance tips and tricks, save cash and do the work faster
  • Maintenance reminders – receive notifications about important home tasks
  • Organize Homfolio, the history of your home, remodeling, paint jobs and so on
  • Downloadable guides for proper ways of taking care of your home

Even if you’re not a great fan of the do it yourself approach that BrightNest is a proponent of, registering and reading advice that you find on this free home improvement web service will at least help you to know when you need to call the repairman in order to do a checkup on important house systems like the water heater, furnace or others before they completely break down on you.

How to maintain and improve your home with BrightNest

Various different to-do lists are how BrightNest will help you get better acquainted with all the duties that homeowners have. You have a Must Do list which is gonna be populated right away with 5 tasks, out of these 5 we failed all of them. For example do you have a fire extinguisher handy in case of an emergency?

BrightNest suggested task

Moving on we have the Good To Do list, which is a long list of over 100 different tips for home maintenance and checkup. This is where you’ll be spending most of your time, because there are some great advice for home improvement stored here.

BrightNest homefolio view

Homefolio is where you can keep track of all the changes and fixes that you do to your home. Every fix-up, room remodeling, paints that you used, document everything so that later if you wish to do the same thing again, you can do it easily.


With BrightNest you can create to do lists of important maintenance tasks that majority of people neglect, and you can also find some great tips on how to improve your home without spending a lot of money, which is a great thing considering in what kind of economic situation we are in.

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