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CBuy is a free celebrity fashion trend tracker where you can find a large selection of celebrity photos, with detailed reports on the jackets, dresses, pants, heels, shoes, hats, apparels, anything and everything that they might be wearing on the photos. Both male and female celebrity photos can be found, but you’ll mostly find fashion trends of female celebrities analyzed and dissected with links to the clothes, footwear and anything else that might be on them.

Example of a celebrity fashion trend analysis that’s available on CBuy can be seen on the image below. On the left you’re gonna see an image of a famous person taken when they were out. On the right each one of the pieces of clothing that they are wearing will be singled out for you, designer name posted with a link where you can buy whatever it is that the celebrity was wearing.

CBuy default window

If it’s not possible to identify what a certain item is, one that looks closest to the one worn by the celebrity is gonna be posted.

Key features of CBuy free celebrity fashion trend tracker are:

  • Simple – find out all the latest celebrity fashion trend in few clicks
  • Find info about clothes, footwear, head gear, glasses, apparels, etc.
  • Quick links to stores where you can buy found fashion items
  • Large selection of both male and female movie stars, singers, athletes
  • Multiple analysis are available from a single celebrity, multiple photos
  • Search tool – find what you’re interested in with a find tool
  • Favorites – favorite stars so you can easily find the ones you like

How to find out what the celebrities are wearing with CBuy free celebrity fashion trend tracker:

Registration is only necessary if you would like to favorite celebrities whose fashion taste you like, so that you can check and see if there are any new fashion updates posted.

CBuy full interface open

Full interface of CBuy can be seen on the image above. All the way at the bottom you can see a selection strip with two categories, Photos and Products. One celebrity can have several photos, with several different looks attached to it. Photos posted here are photos taken from when the celebrity was going out to lunch, from the gym, social gatherings, and so on.

CBuy clothes preview

Clicking on the identified clothes from the right opens up a much more detailed report about the items that the selected celebrity is wearing. Here you can also find a link to the store where the item can be bought.

CBuy list of famous people

To find the celebrity whose fashion taste you’d like to see analyzed use the search tool in the top right corner or click on the Celebrities from the top left menu to see a full list.


What the celebrities are wearing in a lot of situations becomes the next big fad, so if you are interested in jumping the shark and wearing cool and trendy get-up before everyone else does, then CBuy can help you do that. You can find info on what every a bit more famous person is wearing. Give this free fashion trend tracker a try and see how it goes. Free to use.

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