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F-Secure KEY is a free password manager that is used to store all of your accounts username and password. It also allows to set master password to open its interface which makes it more reliable. And if F-Secure KEY remains inactive for some time, then its interface will be locked automatically. This unique feature makes it more useful and is not present in many similar password managers. You can store details for a particular account, like website URL, description, username, password, notes (optional), and can save them in F-Secure KEY. Apart from storing account details, it also helps to generate strong passwords for new accounts.

It also lets you synchronize data between phone (Android and iPhone) and PC, if you have installed F-Secure KEY mobile app on your smartphone. However, the sync feature is a paid feature.

F-Secure KEY- interface

Note: You can install its mobile app on your smartphone only if it is compatible with your device. For Android devices, it requires 4.0 or higher version, and for iPhones & iPads, iOS 5 or higher version is required. I tried to install this app for Android devices for 3 different phones, but each time it showed me that this app is not compatible with your device, in spite of the fact that mobile devices are running 4.0 and higher versions. Probably, there is some country restriction in place. So check yourself whether it is compatible with your smartphone or not.

Key Features Present In This Free Password Manager are:

  • A handy and completely free password manager to store username and passwords for multiple accounts.
  • You can also add some extra details, like website URL, description, and notes to easily recognize a particular account. Moreover, it also provides icons to select while adding an account.

F-Secure KEY- select an icon

  • Interface is locked automatically if F-Secure KEY remains inactive for some time.
  • It also helps to generate strong passwords with special characters, numbers, and alphabets. So you dont’ have to use any password generator software separately.

F-Secure KEY- generate strong password

  • You can synchronize data between phone and PC, if mobile app is compatible with your mobile device. However, this is a paid feature.
  • You can also export/import stored passwords. Just use Export button, copy the data, paste it in any text editor software, and save the file. To get back all saved details, import text file with import button. F-Secure KEY also lets you import xml files of other password managers.
  • Shows news feeds from website on its interface.

F-Secure KEY- news feeds

How To Use F-Secure KEY To Store Passwords?

F-Secure KEY’s Windows installer is 10.6 MB in size. You can download it using the link available at the end of this review. After installing it to PC, open its interface and create new account by setting a master password for F-Secure KEY. After that, you can store your accounts’ passwords. You only have to memorize the master password to access all your passwords. After creating the master password, you can click on Add password option to save username and password of a particular account.

F-Secure KEY- set master password and store passwords

You can also add some extra details for a particular account while adding password to F-Secure KEY, such as: description for that website, URL, and notes.

F-Secure KEY- add a new password with descriptions

In the similar way, you can add more and more passwords, and can get rid of remembering multiple passwords. Whenever you have to access your accounts passwords, unlock F-Secure KEY interface, and access passwords.


F-Secure KEY is a good password manager that brings some new features, like auto interface lock, news feeds, and option to synchronize the data between phone and PC. But as its mobile app was not compatible with my Android devices, so you need to find out yourself how it performs.

Check out F-Secure KEY.

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