See How Homepage of Popular Websites Changed Over Time

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We all know how good the homepage of some of the popular websites look now. But ever wondered how it used to look in the past, and how has it changed over time? That is exactly what UX Timeline shows.

UX Timeline is a free website that tracks how the homepages of the popular websites have changed over time. It tracks popular websites like Dropbox, Uber, Vimeo, Spotify, etc. and shows you a timeline of their homepage changes. You can easily see how homepage of these websites looked in the past.

Below you can see a snippet of Homepage timeline that this website shows for Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Homepage Changes

The above screenshot is highly cropped, due to space limitations :) In actuality, this website shows the screenshot of complete homepage over time. Go ahead and check out the website to see it in its full glory.

There are actually various ways to check how a website looked in the past. Even Wayback Machine extensions are there. But in almost all of them, you have to provide a date for which you want to see how the website looked. But this website makes it quite easy. It simply shows you a timeline with all the changes of the homepage. Of course, the major limitation is that it is limited to a few popular websites only. So, if you need to see history of any website that is not covered by this, you have to use one of the previously linked options.

How to See Homepage Changes of Any Website Over Time:

Just head over to the website using link given at the beginning or end of this post. On the homepage, you will see the list of companies for which this website has created such a timeline.

UX Timeline Homepage

Just click on any website for which you want to see the timeline, and you will be immediately presented with a beautiful timeline, in the same fashion as the Mailchimp timeline I linked earlier.

My Opinion of Ux Timeline:

I really enjoyed using this website. Its lot of fun to see how Homepages of these websites have changed over time. It also shows that how quickly these websites change their homepage based on the evolving UI standards (Responsive, Material Design, etc. etc.). So, if you are a designer or a website owner, this website could serve as a good inspiration to revisit the design of your homepage and see if it finally needs an upgrade.

Check Ux Timeline here.

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