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Time Travel is a free website to check how a particular website looked in past. That means you will be able to check the old versions of webpages or websites (quite similar like file versioning). It takes the help of dozens of web archiving services as well as version control systems to help you find the prior versions (known as Memento) of almost any website.

You can enter any date, day, year, and time and this website will help to find all the mementos that are closest to the requested date and time. You will also be able to download the screenshot of that webpage. Moreover, it also lets you download all the images present in that particular webpage.

There is one more interesting feature, known as Reconstruct, that shows webpage for the exact date and time. It does so by reassembling the memento for that specific date and time using nearby mementos and archives. Although there are chances that webpage won’t be 100% accurate, but it gives almost accurate webpage for a particular time and date using this feature.

old and new version of our website

The screenshot above shows old and new versions of our own website.

We have also reviewed websites to download old versions of software.

Supported Web Archives and Version Control Systems:

Here is the list of those version control systems and web archives that are supported by this website to generate the result:

  • Archive-It
  • Estonian Web Archive
  • UK Web Archive
  • Canadian Government Web Archive
  • Internet Archive
  • Standford Web Archive
  • WebCite
  • Library of Congress Web Archive
  • Croatian Web Archive
  • GitHub
  • MediaWikis, etc.

How To View Old Versions of A Website Using This Free Time Travel Website?

Go to the homepage of Time Travel website using this link. This website doesn’t require sign up to use it. On its homepage, you will see options to add website URL, select a date, and time and choose Find or Reconstruct button.

enter details and use Find button

Enter the details in the available fields and click on Find button.

Now this website will generate the result. The result will show all the mementos from different web archives that are closest to the input date and time. Each archive shows Previous (old) and Next (new) mementos.

result shows mememtos closest to the requested date

You can check the memento of any archive to find out if your favorite website was different than what it is at present. You can also click on Screenshot button to save that particular version as an image file.

view old version of a website and save screenshot

When you have to check the memento of a website for the exact time and date, you can take help of Reconstruct button to get the idea.

reconstruct option


Time Travel is a medium that lets you find out old versions of websites by fetching the results from different web archives. I think it is better to use this website, instead of using different web archives and version systems separately.

Try Time Travel website.

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