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rComments is a free Reddit Chrome Extension to see Reddit Comments in Pop-up on the Home page of Reddit. When you open front-page of Reddit or any Sub-Reddit, you can see all the posts, and below them you can see how many comments a post has. Once you have this extension installed, just hover your mouse over “Comments” word, and a small pop-up will appear that will show the top comment of the post. You can also navigate to other comments as well as see replies to the comments; all while staying on the Homepage of Reddit itself.

Traditionally, you need to open a post on Reddit to see its comments (unless you are using an extension like Shine for Reddit), but rComments extension removes that pain by showing you comments in a pop-up window, right on the homepage of Reddit. Now you don’t have to open a post just to read its comments.

Reddit Comments Popup

How to See Reddit Comments in Pop-up on Reddit Home Page without Opening Individual Posts:

This extension makes it super easy to see comments on Reddit homepage, without browsing to individual posts. Start by installing this extension from Chrome web store here. Once installed, you don’t need to do anything. The extension add a small icon next to Chrome Address Bar, though there is no use for that icon, and the developer could have removed it altogether.

Now when you browse Reddit, just hover your mouse over “Comments” text on any post. Immediately it shows a pop-up that will show the top comment of that post. Only one comment will be shown. If there are more comments, you will see a button to see Next comment, which shows next comment. And you can again click on the button Next Comment to see more comments. It will keep adding one comment as you click on Next Button.

Along with that, it will also show button to see replies to the comment.

This reminds me of Reddit Chrome Extension to preview links on mouse over.

Also, you can upvote a comment from the popup window.

Even though the functionality provided by this Reddit Comments extension is pretty useful, but I really wish some more improvements could be made to it. Most importantly, I don’t really like the fact that I have to click on Next Comment button to see Next comment. If a post has a lot of comments, there would be a lot of clicking involved. It should open more than 1 comment on mouse hover. Ideal situation would be that it can open all the comments, with the pop-up being vertically scrollable, but if that’s too difficult, then atleast 3-4 comments should open up in one go.

On the same lines, I should be able to see replies to a comment alongwith the comment itself, without a need to separately click on the button to see replies.

Also, the extension does not give any option to reply to comments. I know I am being greedy now, but I would love it if I can reply to a comment also from the same pop-up window.

My Verdict of this Reddit Comments Extension:

I am a long term user of Reddit and spend a considerable time on it daily. I really like to try all the extensions that can make my Reddit experience better (see this extension to highlight new comments on Reddit posts). So, I am pretty excited that this extension has been created which can show Reddit comments on the Reddit homepage itself, without a need to open individual posts just to see the comments.

However, as I mentioned above, I would love it even more if a couple of improvements are made to it, like, showing multiple comments and replies in one go. Also, showing the extension icon in browser address bar is needless and should be removed.

Nevertheless, till that happens, I would still keep this extension to quickly see comments on posts that have just one or a couple of comments. For posts with more comments, I would prefer just to open the posts and go through all the comments in one go.

Let me know what do you think of this extension.

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