Highlight New Comments On Reddit, Jump Between Them Using Hotkeys

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Reddit New Comments Highlighter is a free Chrome extension that highlights all new comments since your last visit when you visit a Reddit link page, and allows you to jump between them using hotkeys. It’s a nice free extension for Reddit lovers that enables them to have a quick glance on all new comments when they revisit a link page on Reddit. Plus, it allows them to quickly jump between these comments by simply pressing “Shift+Up” and “Shift+Down” keys.

Reddit is amongst the most popular news and entertainment sources out there, and lot of people regularly make comments and replies on Reddit links. However, due to the old and basic interface, it sometimes becomes hard to locate things on Reddit. Though there are many third party Web and Desktop Reddit Clients that presents Reddit links in a reader-friendly format, there’s no default way to change the complicated Reddit layout. Reddit New Comments Highlighter comes handy here to some extent, since it highlight all new comments on Reddit and makes it easier for you to identify and read them.

Reddit New Comments Highlighter interface

Highlight New Comments on Reddit with Reddit New Comments Highlighter:

Reddit New Comments Highlighter is extremely simple and easy to use, and takes fraction of seconds to get installed in your Chrome browser. You can go to the extension’s download page using the link given at the end of this article. After installing Reddit New Comments Highlighter in your Chrome browser, you would find all new comments (since your last visit) highlighted in “Yellow” color, every time you visit a Reddit link page.

Reddit New Comments Highlighter commant

This is how you can easily locate new comments on every Reddit link page and read them quickly (as they are in focus). To jump between these comments, you can simply press “Shift+Up” and “Shift+Down” keys from your keyboard. That’s it!

Key Features of Reddit New Comments Highlighter:

  • Free Reddit extension for Google Chrome.
  • Highlight all new comments on link pages since your last visit.
  • Lets you jump between these comments using hotkeys.
  • Quick installation.
  • Simple and easy to use.

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The Final Verdict:

Reddit New Comments Highlighter is a simple and handy tool for highlighting new comments on Reddit link pages and quickly moving between them. If you are a regular Reddit user and frequently check links you have read for new comments, then Reddit New Comments Highlighter is an apt tool for you.

Get Reddit New Comments Highlighter here!

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Works With: Google Chrome
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