5 Free Wedding Planning Websites

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Here are 5 free Wedding Planning websites. These websites help you to plan your wedding with precision and in a organized way. All these online wedding planning websites are completely free.



OurDreamWedding is free online wedding planning web application that allows you to plan your wedding with precision and organization. This free online wedding planner comes with tools and features that will help you to manage your wedding without any hassles and worries. The free wedding planner offers its users the following mentioned tools:

Budget Planner

The feature helps you to form a budget that will fit your needs. By using the wedding tips that will help you to form a effective budgets and you can plan your wedding with the budget that fits in your pocket. With this feature you can avail printable wedding budget checklist to help keep your dream wedding on budget. This budget planner comes with budget calculator that provides you an interface that is easy to use and operate. Just fill up the form in the interface and the app will help you to calculate your budget with ease.

Information and Tips

The application provides you with articles and forms that will help you throughout your wedding planning. The application provides its members several tips to save money by spending wisely and you can avoid unnecessary expenditures. There is a Money Saving Tips section, where you will find some great tips and ideas for planning a beautiful wedding on a realistic budget. You can also get information about the information that you must know for legal compliance. You can also get all the important info about the Marriage License Information.

Plan for other Marriage shower

The application not only helps you to plan wedding but also your wedding shower ceremony with ease. With the help of this free wedding planner Shower Guide, pulling off a spectacular shower event should be a breeze. You can check out this section for Shower Guide for theme, game, favor ideas, planning etiquette, decoration tips, menu advice and much more.

Try OurDream Wedding free here.

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Simplify Wedding Planning with Google

google wedding

Google offers it users a wedding planning range that are free tools and help you to manage your wedding paper free. Google has set of tools and techniques that helps you to plan your wedding without using any extra software and features. This web site offers users the tools that promoted by Google and how you can use the tools while you are in process of planning a wedding.

Below are some of the examples shared on the web site:

Design and create

You can well design your announcements and pictures of yours and your partnet by using Picnic software offered by Google. This free photo editing tool is easy to use and you can create some gorgeous designs for your wedding album, pre wedding period and share your lovely moments with your long distance family and friends

Create your own wedding site

Google offers its users to create their own websites and you can share your love story and keep guests informed of wedding details by creating your own Google Site. This website creation will make things easy for you, as your guest are kept informed with the details about the wedding venue, dates and ceremonies. Creating a web site with this app is absolutely easy and fast.

Keep track and docs

You can use Google docs for maintaining lists and budgets and keep track of planning, spending and guest lists using this another free software offered by Google.

Share your moments with pics and videos

You can use Google Picasa along with other tools for making your wedding plan fun and easy going. Share your pics of pre-engagement, engagement, and wedding photos with friends and family using Picasa. Picasa is free web application by Google that enables photo sharing very easy and effecive.

Read more about Simplify Wedding Planning with Google, or try free here.



OnlineWeddingBoutique is free web application that helps its registered members to plan their wedding for free and you can manage all the task related to your wedding with this freeware. You just have to create your personal profile with this free app and provide your personal details which will help this free app to assist you while planning your wedding.

The application requires you to register with the website as you can give out your personal information such as your wedding date and name for sending E Cards and RSVP’s and contact details for receiving newsletters, membership discount cards and responses from suppliers and guests. This will help you manage your guest list and cards sent out to them easily while you can enjoy every part of your wedding with free mind.

When you have joined with website, you will be given the list of task that you have to do while planning your wedding. This list of tasks will remind you of things that you might strike off mistakenly while planning yourself. You will find here, in this section, many tasks associated with planning your wedding, with links to helpful articles, tips, latest trends and suppliers and the ability to set yourself email reminders.

These are the key things you can do with this free online wedding planner:


Budget is the most important part of any wedding planning. This is the primary feature of this freeware, this will help you plan your wedding by keeping your budget in mind. You can easily manage your financial along with estimated budget with this tool. You can direct the application about your budget and compare it with actual so that you an be assured of any extra expenditure.

Guest List

The application will help you to manage your guest list with ease. You can create and manage the comprehensive list of people you would like to attend your wedding and track their RSVP status. Interestingly, your guests can RSVP online which is private RSVP area in your profile, to automatically update your guest list with their attendance.

Try OnlineWeddingBoutique free here.



OurWeddingDay is free online wedding day planner that helps you to arrange and manage your wedding day with ease and without any worries. Whether its about your budget or managing your guest list, this free web based wedding tool will all for you. The application is simple to understand and very easy to use. There are tools and techniques offered for free by this freeware, so that you can enjoy your wedding day and also manage it with great ease.

The planner offers you variety of services and tools to make your wedding planning perfect and apt. You can easily reserve dates with this application and select e-cards from the wide variety offered by this free application. The application has catalogue of e-cards designs and pictures for you to decide and you can reserve e-cads for your guest and send them via email for quick reminders. The application also offers date cards for your guests, you can select the date cards and send them to your guest for invitations and reminders.

The application has free to use address manager with your free registration. You can comprehensively manage your guest list with this free address manager. The address book feature automatically imports all the contacts you have in your mail box. Thus to you use your email id and password to allow this free ware to import all your email contacts from your email clients. The application will automatically update your contacts in its address book for you manage your guest list and you can easily send out e-cards and RSVPs on time.

You also get color coded and feature rich task list manager with this freeware. Thus you can easily create your check list and plan your task step by step with this freeware. Organize and prioritised your tasks with the use of this color coded task manager and you will find simple to plan your wedding.

Try OurWeddingDay free here.


shaadi invite

ShaadiInvite is free web based online wedding planner that is designed to give you comprehensive tool for planning your wedding day with all necessary feature rich tools and techniques, that will make your wedding day same as you have planned. The application is designed keeping in mind about the hassles you face while planning your wedding. Moreover, its free and simple, thus no need to spend fortune behind professional wedding planners.

With this freeware you can manage all the ceremonies associated with your wedding like guest book, their status, budget planner, and many more features that you may want from your wedding planner. With this freeware, you can invite guests, create wedding website, share your moments and pictures, and also find vendor in your region to provide you with various wedding related collections.

The application lets you create your own website which can be used by your guests and friends that will keep them update about your wedding dates and venue. You can share your pictures and stories with your long distance loved ones. You can create beautiful website with this free app and share your part of world with everyone on web.

There is an update section in your website where you can post the updates related to your wedding and ceremonies. This is quick way to inform your guests about the alterations in your wedding plan and you can personally inform them later. Share pictures and videos with them and manage your large shopping list and guest list with this online wedding planner.

Try ShaadiInvite free here.

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