5 Websites To Cheer You Up

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I am sure that sometimes all of us feel a little disappointed, depressed, or sad. There are a lot of things happening in our separate worlds that make us feel both good and bad.  When we face these bouts of sadness, sometimes we feel like sharing it with someone or doing something to get over it. I have come up with a list of websites that can help you in such situations. These 5 free websites to cheer you up adopt different methods to ensure that you feel better. From showing inspirational videos, to sharing thoughts with friends etc., these websites provide you different options. Let us have a look at them one by one.

The 5 free websites to cheer you up, reviewed here in this article are Cheer Me Up, TED, moodscope, Happy News, and The Nicest Place On The Internet.

Cheer Me Up:

Cheer Me Up-websites to cheer you up-home page

The first of the 5  websites to cheer you up is Cheer Me Up. It is a simple to use website where you can share your thoughts with your friends or strangers and read their message as well. The website works on the idea that if you share your sorrow with others, it helps. All you have to do is provide your email id and type a message explaining the reason for your sadness. This has to be done on the home page of the website and your identity stays hidden in the whole process. Apart from sharing your sadness, you will also be able to read posts by others. You can send them a cherry message which will make them feel better. This conversation can go on that will ultimately make both of you feel better. The website allows you to share more than 1 message and you can also cheer up multiple users by commenting on their post.

Try Cheer Me Up here.


TED-websites to cheer you up-home page

Second in this list of websites to cheer you up is TED. On this website, you will find a lot of videos and conversations that will cheer you up. Watching new, humorous, and inspirational videos surely helps in improving your mood. This is the idea on which this website is based on. There are different video categories like inspiring, funny, courageous, beautiful that contain multiple videos to lift up your mood. The website also has conversations that you can take part in. These conversations range from different fields and you have create an account to take part in them.

Try TED here.



Next in the line of websites to cheer you up is moodscope. Basically, this website lets you track your mood on a daily basis and record the changes. After you create an account, the website makes you play card games where you have to choose one option. There are different cards that judge your agility level, stress level, excitement level etc. You have to choose from options like little, not at all, extreme etc. The are 20 cards in total that you have to answer. Based on the answers you give, the website prepares your score graph for that particular day. You have to come back again the next day and play again. Gradually, your scores begin to go up. These scores can also be shared with your friends and other users, by inviting them. There are many more features reserved for the paid version.

Try moodscope here.

Happy News:

Happy News

My next choice in this list of websites to cheer you up is Happy News. The name of the website suggests a lot about the function it performs. It combines all the inspiring and positive news from around the world and makes you read about them. Reading about positive and encouraging things certainly makes an impact on your mood. There are different categories like International, National, Sports, Heroes, and more. You can read inspirational articles relating to these different fields and feel happy. There are some positive videos as well that you can watch.

Try Happy News here.

The Nicest Place On The Internet:

The Nicest Place On The Internet

The fifth and final slot in this list of websites to cheer you up is for The Nicest Place On The Internet (name of this website). How about getting a hug from someone when you’re feeling low and sad? It surely makes you feel better.That’s exactly what this website does. Different people upload their recorded videos of imitating to hug a person. You can visit the website and receive these virtual hugs by strangers. You can also pass on the favour by uploading your own recorded virtual hug video for someone else.

Try The Nicest Place On The Internet here.

So, if you are feeling a little sad and need to cheer up, visit these above mentioned websites and start feeling better (with a smile).

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