5 Free Websites To Maintain New Year Resolutions

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to maintain new year resolutions. These websites help you in your endeavor to fulfill the tasks you set for yourself.

Every year most of us make some new year resolution. Interestingly, these resolutions also have a high percentage of failure. We forget them as quickly as we make them. Now, to make sure that your resolutions, this time around, do not remain just in your dreams, I have come up with some helpful websites. These websites help you to maintain new year resolutions by using different methods. Some let you assign a coach to keep a watch on you, some send you reminders from time to time etc. All these website have their own methods and qualities. Let us have a look at them.

The 5 free websites to maintain new year resolutions that I have reviewed in this article Stickk, 43Things, Start a Resolution,  MyPlate, and Hassle Me.


Stickk- maintain new year resolutions-home page

Stickk is the first website in the list to maintain new year resolutions. It is a very simple to use and straightforward website. In order to ensure that you stay on track and work towards achieving your resolution, the website makes you put your money at stake. You have to put some amount at stake when you make a resolution and you get the money back if you manage to achieve the resolution. To ensure that there is no cheating, you can select two referees to monitor your progress. You can also get other users of the website to support you in your challenge. In case you are unable to achieve your resolution, the website transfers your money to a charity ( this is what they claim). The website is based on the idea that people are more likely to work harder towards a goal if they put something at stake.

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Try Stickk here.


43things-maintain new year resolutions-home page

43Things is the second website in the list to maintain new year resolutions. The website allows you to set your resolution and keeps reminding you about it from time to time. You can add more than one resolution if you want to. The inspiration to maintain and complete your resolution comes from the fact that you can interact with people who have set a similar resolution. The website lets you know who all have set the same the resolution and you can interact with them. You can also set punishments for if you fail to fulfill your resolution, you have to carry out that punishment. There is a whole set of features that you can perform on this website like cheer other users, share your experience once your resolution is fulfilled and more.

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Try 43Things here.

Start a Resolution:

Start a Resolution-maintain new year resolutions-home page

The third website to maintain new year resolutions is Start a Resolution. It is a very good looking platform with a very beautiful & attractive interface. The website assigns you as many as four coaches to encourage you to fulfill your resolution. You have to start by creating an account and then enter your resolution in the circle. The website assigns four people, who joined just before you, as your coach. These coaches help you by encouraging you and you can talk to them through comments section. The website makes sure that everyone stays on track and gives the responsibility to your fellow users. You also get to coach the people who join after you. You can view the resolutions of all the users on the website in your account. The website also has a “Kick” feature. If you like the resolution of some other user, or if you just want to poke them, press the kick button above their circle. The only problem is that you cannot add more than one resolution or change it.

Try Start a Resolution here.


MyPlate-maintain new year resolutions-home page

Exercise, healthy eating habits, dieting are probably some of the most common new year resolutions that all of us make. This fourth website in this list, MyPlate, lets you carry out these resolutions of yours with full intensity.  The website allows you to count your calories on a daily basis and encourages you to work towards eating healthy food. You can enter all the items that you ate in your meals during the day, and track your progress over time. There is a list of food items that you have to eat during and a lot of diet tips that can help you in staying motivated. You can also sign up for the free fitness programme provided by the website. You will receive videos through mails regarding different exercises and routines. You can also get in touch with other community members and help each other in achieving your goals.

Try MyPlate here.

Hassle Me:

Hassle Me-maintain new year resolutions-home page

Hassle Me is the fifth and final website, in this list, that help you to maintain new year resolutions. The website aims to help you in your task and keep you on track by reminding you about it constantly. You have to set a resolution ( Hassle) and enter your email address. The website will then keep reminding your resolution by sending you random alerts on your email address. The website sends you reminders randomly so that you are up on your feet all the time. You can set as many resolutions or hassles as you want. Your hassles can be private or public ( can be read by other users) depending on your selection.  You can also read hassles of other users on the website. It is a simple website based on the idea that sometimes you just need to be nagged to fulfill your commitments.

Try Hassle Me from here.

So, you can take help of all these websites to make your new year resolution a reality, this time around. Check them out and give us your feedback in the comments below.

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