How To Automatically Reset Zoom Level To 100% When Firefox Starts

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This tutorial covers how to automatically reset zoom level to 100% when Firefox starts. By default, when you change zoom level for some website(s), Firefox remembers that particular zoom level. And when you open the same website(s) again in Firefox, it automatically shows that particular website with the same zoom level set by you. If you don’t like this setting, then you can set Firefox to keep the default zoom level (which is 100%) for all websites. Once this tweak is applied, when you will close a website and/or Firefox and reopen it, you will notice that zoom level for all websites is reset automatically to default 100% level.

To automatically reset zoom level to 100% when Firefox starts, you need to access the Configuration page of Firefox. After that, you have to change the value of a particular preference. I have added all the steps for you to automatically reset zoom level to 100% in Firefox.

automatically reset zoom level to 100% when firefox starts

How To Automatically Reset Zoom Level To 100% In Firefox?

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser and then write “about:config” in its address bar. Press Enter and then configuration page of Firefox will open. You will see a lot of preferences.

open firefox configuration page

Step 2: Use Search box of the Configuration page, type “browser.zoom.sitespecific“, and press Enter. After that, browser.zoom.siteSpecific preference will open. Its value is set to ‘true‘, by default. That means zoom level set by you for sites will remain the same even after restarting the Firefox browser and closing and then reopening those websites. Double-click that preference and its value will change to ‘false‘.

change value of browserzoomsitespecific to false

Now restart your Firefox browser.

That’s all! Now when you will change the zoom level of a website and start Firefox again or reopen the same website. You will see that zoom level for that particular website is reset to default zoom level (which is 100%). And it will happen for rest of the sites also.

When you want to undo the changes, you can follow step 1 and step 2 and then change the value of browser.zoom.siteSpecific preference back to ‘true’.

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The Conclusion:

This feature to automatically reset zoom level to 100% in Firefox is pretty helpful. You don’t have to manually reset the zoom level for a particular website again and again. Just do this minor tweak and Firefox will take care of the rest.

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