5 Free Websites To Find Trending Twitter Topics

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to find trending Twitter topics. You can see all the popular topics and hashtags that have been trending on Twitter recently.

Finding what”s trending on Twitter can be useful both for personal and professional use. While it keeps the individual up to date about the things happening on the Internet, it is the professionals that can benefit from it the most. The marketing world, especially, can benefit a lot  from the hashtags introduced on social media platforms. It helps in understanding what’s really trending, which in turn benefits them in attracting attention of the users out there. They can generate leads and reach the audience that is interested in their content by altering their social media posts accordingly. The websites that provide assistance in this task also have other tools to help you out. Let us have a look.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are hastags.org, Hashtagify.me, Trendsmap, Statweesticks, and What The Trend. 



hashtags.org is the first website that you can look up to gauge the trending Twitter topics. The website lists the top 40 topics that are trending on Twitter. You can view this list on the home page of the website. It also lists all the popular Twitter topics, topics trending up, topics trending down, in separate columns. Apart from this, the website also allows you to search any particular topic and view its trends. You can click on any particular topic, or hashtag and view a detailed analysis including chart, estimated tweets on a particular date and time, and more.


trending Twitter topics

The second website to find trending Twitter topics is Hashtagify.me. You can find a list of the top 30 popular topics trending on twitter recently. This list includes details like period popularity, rank, main language, and more. You can view two different lists for different periods of time. There are two separate lists for topics that have been in trend for a month, and topics that have been trending for the past one week.

One interesting tool on this website is that you can view popular topics in different languages. This helps you out in understanding the statistics of a particular region. You can also search trends for any particular hashtag by typing in the search bar and view all the details related to it.



Trendsmap is another helpful website that you can look up to find trending Twitter topics. This website helps you out in finding what’s trending in different parts of the world. On the home page of the website, you will see a world with hashtags marked all over it. These hashtags represent the topics that are trending in that particular region. Among these topics, the ones shown in dark Black bubbles are the most popular ones. You can move around this map with the help of your cursor, like you do in Google Maps, and see what’s trending around the world.

For professionals, it will be beneficial to create an account (free or paid) on this website. The website uses your profile settings to find your location, which will further help you in analyzing the local tweets and trends of your region.



Statweesticks is another free website that you can use to find what’s trending on Twitter. The website claims to have live updates of trending Twitter topics and you can see updates in the list every hour. You can view a rank wise list of hottest topics trending on Twitter for past 24 hours, week, month, or year and also view hottest users, locations, and words. There is also one search tool, where you can type the keywords and see their popularity & trend. Lastly, the website also has a list of most popular languages on Twitter and their popularity percentage. Now, this is some interesting stat to look at.

What The Trend:

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

trending Twitter topics

Moving on to our final addition in this list, What The Trend is another popular source where you can find a list of all the trending Twitter topics. Along with the list of top 10 trending Twitter topics, the website has a couple of other interesting things to offer. It allows its user to add a trend by signing up for a free account. The website has a large database of trends added by the users. Another interesting thing you will find on the website is a list of trends marked as spam. There is a separate list of top trends that have been identified as spam by the users. This is something unique and interesting.

One thing I would like to add here is that I am not entirely sure of the trending topics list available on this website. All the other websites I reviewed had a list which was more or less similar, whereas the list on this website had completely different topics. Nevertheless, do check it out for yourself.

Once you have compiled a list of all the trending Twitter topics, you can use these statistics in building your social media posts, and thus reaping benefits. You can share your thoughts with us through comments below.

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