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PollCode is a free service that lets you create online voting polls and share them on internet. PollCode provide easy ways to create poll and share it on many social networking sites, business networking sites, and other websites to know what people think on some issues. And one of these popular social networking platform where PollCode works, is Pinterest. Many of you might be having an idea of what Pinterest is. But if you are not aware of the service, let’s have a look on a brief description about Pinterest.

Pinterest, or I should say “Online Pinboard”, is a social platform where you can share your interests online. It’s basically a content-sharing site that allows you to “pin” images, videos, and other things of your interest on a virtual pinboard. Like other social networking platforms, Pinterest has gained popularity among users across the world. You meet people, know their interests, and share yours with them. On a social platform like this, you sometimes feel a need to ask people what they think on certain issues, which might relate to anything including arts, or culture, or other things you love.

So here are we, with this free service called PollCode, to tell you how it can help you in creating voting polls on Pinterest.

create poll interface

Create Poll on PollCode:

First thing you need to do is to create a poll on PollCode. For that, you can visit the PollCode website and start typing your poll question right there. PollCode provides a free user account to anyone who wants to use the service on regular basis. But if you are a guest visitor, you can create a free poll instantly without prior registration. The interface displays clear instructions to guide you how you can create a poll. Just type your poll question in the box provided and add all possible answers to that (from which users will choose which one to vote). You can add up to 30 answers to one poll question.

After that, you can customize your poll using setting options present on the left panel. These option lets you change the font size, font color, background color, and other such properties of the poll. While customizing your poll, you can preview the changes instantly on the right side. Great!

create poll

After you finish everything, just click on the “get Poll Code” button present at the bottom of the page. This will create your poll and generate link and code for that.

Share Poll on Pinterest:

The next step takes you to the sharing page. This page displays the poll code, along with icons of many services on which you can share this poll. PollCode allows direct sharing of the polls. To share your poll on your Pinterest account, just click on the Pinterest icon from the list, choose the board on which you want to share the poll, and click on the “Pin It” button. That it!

share poll 01

View your Poll:

The next step takes you to the Success page where you get a link to view your poll, which has already been pinned on the selected pinboard of your Pinterest account. Just click on this link to view your poll and give you own vote to that.

view poll

People following you on Pinterest can view this pin, access the poll page by clicking on the link provided, and give their votes.

view poll page

The Final Verdict:

PollCode is a great service that provides free solution to create online voting polls for almost all popular social and business networking services. And this great facility can be easily used on Pinterest to create poll on your Pinterest account, and ask people what is their opinion on a common interest.

Hope you like this post and try using it if you want to create poll on Pinterest.

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Try PollCode free.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 3 Average: 2.7]
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