5 Free Ways To Create Poll On Facebook

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Here, is a list of 5 free ways to create poll on Facebook.

Polling is one of the easiest way to ask opinion of your friends on something. And through online polling, you can easily know what majority of people (who are connected to you through internet) think on some matter.

Facebook is amongst one of those social networking sites where polling has become popular these days. Not only it provide ways to conveniently ask people’s opinion on something, but also involve majority of people into some social or fun-related activity.

However, not many people know how they can poll a questions on Facebook. No more a problem. There are many free online polling ways available these days that provides this polling facility on your social networking accounts. And here we are going to talk about 5 such free ways.

Let’s see how you can create poll on Facebook for free.

Facebook’s Question:

facebook questions interface

Questions is not any external service, but actually Facebook’s own feature that allows polling on Facebook. It’s an easy to use feature  which appears on Groups page only.

Using Questions is really easy. You just have to click on the “Ask Question” link on top of the page where other options for adding photos, videos, or files also appear. After this, a popup will come up where you can poll a question, with multiple answer choices. Then you can post it to your Facebook page. After that it will go into the newsfeed of everyone in that Group. People (only Group members) can make their votes and you can see people who have voted for your poll. People can also add comments to the poll if they want. Or if they feel any other option to be added to the poll, you can allow them to do so.

Facebook’s Question is a nice polling service, but for some reasons Facebook has changed its policies and limited its access to the Groups page only. Still you can utilize this feature on Facebook to put questions to people in your Facebook Groups.

Price: Free

Try Here: Click here to try Facebook’s Questions.


poll interface 01

Polls is a free Facebook App that allows you to create polls on your Facebook account. It’s a free app  that lets you create polls within seconds and post them on your Facebook wall. This app works in a very simple way. You just need to add this app to your Facebook account to get started. Then you can create polls, by entering a question and providing a list of options to that.

Every poll that you create will go to the newsfeed of everyone added in your Facebook account. People can view your polls and vote to that by adding Polls app to their accounts. You can anytime, view the poll results, edit the poll, or entirely delete it from your account.

Price: Free

Try Here: Click here to try Polls.

Polls for Facebook:

polls for facebook interface

Polls for Facebook is another free Facebook App that allows you to create and share polls on Facebook. This is similar to the app we just discussed, except that it supports more question types, including multiple choice-single answer, multiple choice-multiple answer, drop down list, etc.

After adding the app to your Facebook account, you can proceed to create polls. To create a poll, you just need to enter the poll question (after giving a short description about the topic), choose an answering mode, and provide choices for answer. After submitting the poll, you can publish it to your Business page or post it to your Timeline. People can then vote according to their opinions.

You can anytime view the participants who have voted for your poll, view detailed results of the poll (including pie chart representation), and share poll results with your friends. Polls for Facebook also allows you to invite friends through polling. It gives an easy way to post your questions on Facebook, that too for free.

Price: Free

Try Here: Click here to try Polls for Facebook.

Polldaddy Poll Facebook App:

polldaddy interface

Polldaddy is a free online polling service. It’s an easy to use service that lets you create online polls, surveys, and quiz. We have already discussed Polldaddy in our previous post on 5 free services to create poll on Twitter. And here we are going to talk about Polldaddy’s Poll app for Facebook. This app lets you create and share polls on your Facebook account.

Once you add Polldaddy to your Facebook account, you can straightaway create polls and post them on your Facebook wall. You can add up to 30 answers to your poll. Polldaddy allows you to attach image files also to these answers. You can read the full tutorial here, explaining how you can post polls on your Facebook wall. Poll results can be viewed anytime and you can even make discussions on that if you want.

Polldaddy is highly popular, and a must try one.

Price: Free

Try Here: Click here to try Polldaddy.


wepolls interface

wepolls is a free polling social network where you can create polls quickly and share them on your social networking accounts, including Facebook. It provides a nice and easy way to create polls and share them on Facebook.

To create polls using wepolls, you just need to go to the website homepage (link provided at the end). There you will see a “create a poll” link on top, which you can click to create a new poll. Now you simply have to enter the poll question and provide options for that. The question must be between 1 and 255 characters. And you can add maximum 10 options for the question.

After entering the details, you can proceed with creating poll. After the poll is created, you can give your vote, add comment to that, or share it on your Facebook account with a single click.

People can then view the poll link on your wall and give their votes by clicking on the link. wepolls provides instant results for the polls, and provides nice way to create polls on Facebook.

Price: Free

Try Here: Click here to try wepolls.

Also, check how to create poll on mobile phones.


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