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polltogo is a free web/mobile-app that enables you to create polls right on your PC, Laptop, iPhone or iPad using a simple interface. It is basically a free poll creator using which you can create poll for mobile or PC by simply asking a question related to your work, presentation or just for fun. You can also select a type of poll that you like such as multiple choice, yes/no, rate or feedback. polltogo allows you to set the duration of each poll starting from 1 minute to infinite.

For example: I created a poll asking “How would you rate my articles written for”. Here is a link to the poll I created: . Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

If you are using polltogo with your PC or Laptop, you do not require to download any app. All you need to do is to register yourself with polltogo else you can sign-in directly using your Facebook ID and password. However, if you want to create poll for mobile, iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone, you need to download an app directly from the polltogo mobile app center. Thereafter, you can access it only after signing-in.

Now, Lets check out how to create a Poll for mobile or PC:

  • Simply Sign-in
  • Click on “Create a new poll”
  • Add a Poll question
  • Select a Poll type
  • Add the choices if you have selected “Multiple Choice”. Like you can create voting options such as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Poor.
  • Select the poll duration
  • Select the presentation of your result like Bar chart or Pie chart
  • Select a Language
  • Continue submitting a couple of more requirements
  • Click on “Create this poll”

There you are. Once you have created a poll, you will soon be taken to “share your poll” page wherein you will find two options for sharing your poll: First one is a unique QR code that can be easily scanned by most smartphones else just click on any of the social networking websites in order to post your poll directly on it. Second is a short URL that voters can simply paste into any web browser using their laptop or desktop, mobile phones, or even on older WAP-based cell phones. You can take a look in order to understand it in a better way:


The outcome or results can be viewed if you go onto the main page of polltogo. You will find an option “View Poll Results”. You can simply click on it in order to view you results. People who have voted can also view directly by clicking on the same link. However, if the creator has set a password for accessing poll results, then you can not view the results directly.

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polltogo can be used in various fields like customer feedback, viewers feedback, students feedback, etc. or you can just use it for fun and ask opinion of your friends on various issues.

In short, polltogo is a marvelous app that helps you to provide instant feedback of your presentation or hard work on any topic. The app is definitely worth trying out. Go ahead and give it a try!!

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows
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