4 Weather Forecast Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 4 weather forecast addons for Firefox which you can use to always be in the loop about the weather when using Firefox. Preparing a party, planing a trip or just going out to work is much more easier if you know what the weather is gonna be like the next day or the day after that. Having a weather forecast addon inside Firefox means that knowing what the weather will be is just a look away when browsing the web. You could browse Facebook and easily find out about the weather with a quick head nod to the Firefox toolbar, but which addon to use?

Here is what we found.

Fastest Weather Forecast

weather forecast addons for Firefox 1

Fastest Weather Forecast will get you to the weather forecast the fastest because it doesn’t require Firefox restart.

This weather forecast addon fetches forecasts from the Weather Channel and it can give you predictions up to 10 days in advance. Lots of other info is available, radar maps, warnings about extreme weather, news, etc. Just add cities and locations you’d like to see weather updates from to favorites and let Fastest Weather Forecast do the rest.

Get Fastest Weather Forecast.

Weather Now

weather forecast addons for Firefox 2

Weather Now makes it easy to track weather from multiple cities/locations. Locations are added using the Add a city button. They are then switched using the directional keys in the top left corner.

Main window shows the current weather conditions, while the 4 boxes down below will give you a 4 day forecast. Open up settings to switch between imperial and metric units.

Get Weather Now.

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World Weather

weather forecast addons for Firefox 3

World Weather opens up in a new tab where it will show current weather across the entire screen, instead of just showing it in a pop-up.

Current phase of the moon is also showed at top. First time that you click on the addon icon, after installation, you’ll be offered with a location selector where you need to select the location for which the weather is gonna be showed.

Get World Weather.

Canadian Weather

weather forecast addons for Firefox 4

Are you from Canada perhaps? Or are you interested in Canadian Weather for some reason? If you are, then this addon is just the thing you need.

As you might expect it, with Canadian Weather you get Canadian weather updates and forecasts. 2 day forecast is available, with detailed radar maps and reports on current weather conditions. You won’t find a more detailed Canadian weather forecast addon than this one.

Get Canadian Weather.

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Fastest Weather Forecast and Weather Now caught my eye the most. These two are the most to my liking. Forecast opens up in a dropdown window and you can get it for up to 10 days in advance (4 days in advance when it comes to Weather Now). Other two weather forecast addons that I mentioned are also not that bad, but if you want addons that have a seamless Firefox integration, then you should look at the first two apps from the list.

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