5 Privacy Protector Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 privacy protector addons for Firefox which you can use to protect your privacy in these days of all out war against user privacy on the internet. It’s not just the governments that are infringing on our privacy. Regular websites are also keeping track of pretty much everything that we do online and because of that it makes sense to have a couple of tricks up our sleeves for privacy protection.

Lets see what addons are available in Firefox for this purpose.

Google Privacy

firefox privacy protector addons

Google Privacy is a upgrade to the Mozilla’s “Do-Not-Track” header, which isn’t always effective against tracking by the large search engines and social networks.

This isn’t an addon from Google, it just works against Google’s nosy attitude when it comes to user privacy. It also covers Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube and Facebook. Google Privacy will change links, block click tracking and modify information that your browser sends to supported websites and that way increase your privacy.

Get Google Privacy.

DoNotTrackMe: Online Privacy Protection

firefox privacy protector addons-1

DoNotTrackMe is one of those autopilot privacy protection addons for Firefox where you don’t have to configure anything, it will do everything on it’s own, automatically.

Addon pulls in a list of known privacy trackers from the DoNotTrackMe website and automatically blocks advertising cookies, tracking cookies and other types of tracking methods that are used by websites out there.

Get DoNotTrackMe: Online Privacy Protection.

Privacy Badger

firefox privacy protector addons-2

Privacy Badger is an install it and leave it type of addon, just like DoNotTrackMe. Other than installation, there’s pretty much nothing else that you need to do in order for your privacy to be protected.

Badger has it’s own extensive list of websites which are known to spy on the user. To see just what exactly was blocked when you visit a certain website, just click on the top right corner addon icon and in a pop you’re gonna see a list of all the website elements that were blocked.

Get Privacy Badger.

Privacy Protector

firefox privacy protector addons-3

Let’s say that for example you browsed the web without using one of the previously mentioned blockers and you collected numerous tracking cookies. What are you gonna do now?

Now you can use Privacy Protector to get rid of all the tracking data from your browser in just one click. With this addon you get a quick “one click” button for cleaning history, cookies, cache and everything else.

Get Privacy Protector.


firefox privacy protector addons-4

PrivacySuite works the same way that Privacy Badger does. There’s no config, everything is automatic.

When visiting an URL, if there are any tracking components on a website they’re gonna be blocked and your privacy protected. Top right corner icon is also available for keeping track of what gets blocked.

Get PrivacySuite.


Addons mentioned here are very effective when it comes to protecting user privacy, and we suggest that you give them all a try, but DoNotTrackMe is the one that impressed us the most. Mainly because it seems to be the most up to date on all the latest threats to user privacy that exist out there. Leave a comment down below with your suggestions, if you have any.

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