3 Grammar Checker Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 3 grammar checker apps for Android which can be used to check for grammar and spelling mistakes when writing text on Android. It doesn’t matter how good your English is; a spelling error can always creep up on you. Because of this fact, it makes sense to always have someone to watch over you. By using these Android Grammar checker apps, that someone can be your Android phone or tablet, whichever one you have.

Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard

Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard is a keyboard app which focuses on grammar correction. The keyboard will not only make word suggestions, this is something that most Android keyboard apps do, it will actually scan the text that you already typed and report back if you made a spelling error or a grammar error.

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Spelling isn’t the only thing that’s corrected by Ginger Page. The app will also recommend alternative expressions, in other words it will check for context of the text and make suggestions, in case there’s a better way to write a certain sentence. Around 40 languages are supported and the app requires registration (Facebook login available).

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English Grammar Spell Checker

English Grammar Spell Checker is a spell checker app that’s gonna analyze text that you type into it and report back if there are any grammar related errors. Note that these are grammar errors that we’re talking about, not spelling errors.

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Grammar error checker means that the app will check for mistakes like misused tenses, verbs, nouns, etc. The only small drawback of this grammar checker app is that it requires an active internet connection in order for it to work.

Get English Grammar Spell Checker.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard has been put on this list because it too has a great spell checking functionality, which will work in real time, as you type.

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You are probably aware of this, but if you aren’t, make sure that you open up Setting >> Language and input and that there’s a check mark next to the Spell checker option so that spell checking actually works. Tap on the underlined word to see correction suggestions. Grammar is another thing that will be checked and corrected, scratch that, predicted by the Google Keyboard. As you know, the keyboard will make word suggestions based on the words that you already typed.

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Out of all the apps listed above, the best grammar and spelling checker app, at least in my opinion is Ginger, the keyboard from the top of the list. Ginger has the best combination of tools which will make sure that you never again misspell a word, both grammar and spelling checkers are available for you to use. English Grammar Spelling Checker, the second app from the top, is also interesting, but it has a small handicap in that you need to type the text you need to check into the app, and it only then checks for possible grammar errors. This can be a little bit tiresome, setting up text inside the app but if you’re not easily discouraged, and would like to give our grammar apps a try, English Grammar Spelling Checker might also be for you. Leave comments down below.

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