5 Free Websites to Play Brain Training Games

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play brain training games. These website offer you various games which will help you improve your brain power like solving complex problems, analyzing ability, memorizing things, mind sharpness, etc. The good thing is that most of these websites have training programs tailor made for your age and gender. It means, you will be playing the games which are tough enough for you.

Some of these websites also offer premium subscriptions which entitles you for more features and games, but it’s completely optional to upgrade. So let’s get started.

If you are interested in only improving your memory, then you might find these websites helpful.

1. Neuronation:


Neuronation is the first website in the list to play brain training games. The website has various games for training your brain which offers difficulty level to you depending on your age and gender. The games are focused on improving following areas: Perception, Logic, Calculus, Language, and Memory. You can choose to train your brain as per the section and then track the progress as well. You get points for your performance in each of the area and you can track your rank on the leaderboard. You can choose from 5 minutes, 10 minutes or custom duration training.

The website lets you comment over each of the training game. There is also an chat room using which you can chat with fellow players. Neuronation also lets you compare your brain level with other players. During comparison, it shows scores and rates your brain as Better, Equal, or Worse.

2. Fitbrains:


Fitbrains is the second website in the list which has a very intuitive user interface. The website has multiple brain training games which are focused on: Language, Speed, Logic, Focus, Memory, and Visual. For all the areas, you are awarded points out of 800 except Language in which you get score out of 700. It means your overall scores are out of 4700 and the score earned by you is known as Fit Brains Index. The website also shows your percentile score in comparison to other players for each of the area. You can choose whether you want to play all the games one by one or from one specific area.

3. Memorado:


Memorado is a website which has interactive games for improving your brain. The complete training program consists of 3 parts: Choose the area in which you want to get trained, take tests, and get results. For each game, you have to reach a certain points level to be cleared as Pass and for receiving the Perfect label. While playing any game, you have to solve a few sample problems before getting started with the real problems. The answers given to sample problems don’t affect your result.

Depending upon your answers, Memorado calculates your Brain Quotient. You can also check the breakdown of overall score into following sections: Memory, Speed, Concentration, Reaction, and Logic.

4. Lumosity:


Lumosity is the second last website to play brain training games. The website prepares your training program on the basis of your preferences and results of Fit Test. This test helps Lumosity to decide your starting point and to setup your program accordingly. These tests test your memory, speed, and analytically ability. When you are done with tests, Lumosity shows your rank in comparison to other users.

Read full review of Lumosity here.

5. Brain Matrix:

Brain Matrix

Brain Matrix is a website which has a lots of brain training games for you. Each of the brain training games are developed in such a way that they help you improve a certain function of brain.  Some of the games are Arrange Game, Brain Fitness, Color Game, Concentration Game, etc. Each of them has its own game play and will eventually help you in improving the skills.

These are the 5 free websites to play brain training games. Check them out and start working on improving your mental skills.

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