5 Free Websites To Improve Memory

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In this article, I have covered 5 free websites that will help you to improve memory. These websites combine expert articles on ways to improve memory with some very helpful games that stimulate your brain muscles.

Lot of us complain about being forgetful or not being able to perform up to the mark. Experts claim that all humans have amazing memory skills and brains to excel in life. It is just that we do not realize our full strength and do not exercise our brain enough to achieve the desired levels. These websites help you out in getting the best out of you by making your brain work harder.

The free websites to improve memory reviewed here are Lumosity, iBraining, The Memory Page, Memory Gym, and Brain Metrix. Let us see how they all work.


Lumosity-improve memory-home page

Lumosity is the first website in this list to improve memory that I would like to start with. It is basically a personal brain training programme that enables you to explore your full potential. The programme contains different games that you have to play on a regular basis. These games test your brain Speed, Memory, and Attention. There are different games for each of these category and  your scores are registered separately for everyday. You also gain some Lumosity points based on your performance. The scores and points keep improving as your brain gets sharper by regular practice. The free version of the website has limited games (but very effective) and you can upgrade to the paid version to access all the games & features.

Try Lumosity here.



iBraining is another effective website to improve memory. The website has very simple and effective games that can test your memory skills. You have to create a free account to begin with, and then play the different games to improve your memory and concentration. The games can be played without any account as well but, and account helps you to record your progress. The website generates statistics and sends them in your account to analyse how well you are improving. One game that caught my attention was the one where you have to memorize the sequence of colors and then repeat it when asked. It gets very difficult as you move up the ladder.

Try iBraining here.

The Memory Page:

The Memory Page

The Memory Page is my next choice to help you improve memory. It suggests some mental exercises, provides tutorials and tips to improve your memory. In the Memory Tutorials tab, on the home page, you will find suggestions to perform lots of different exercises like playing card game, sports etc. The articles express the importance such exercises have and how they impact your brain. You can also find some card games and quizzes to play on the website. It is a very simple to use website where you don’t even have to create any account.

Try The memory Page here.

Memory Gym:

Memory Gym

Fourth website in this article to improve memory is Memory Gym. This website is a collection of a lot of different lessons to improve memory, brain teasers, and memory games. There are 10 different lessons for memory improvement that cover things like food that is good for memory, tricks to remember names, passwords etc. There are also links for articles on various topics like brain exercises, improving memory, brain health, brain teasers. These articles explain you various methods and procedures to work on.

Try Memory Gym here.

Brain Metrix:

Brain Metrix

The last website in this article to improve memory is Brain Metrix. This website contains a set of games that you can play to improve your memory and brain. There are lots of games that are divided into different categories, like: Brain exercises, Memory game, Reflex test, IQ Test, Concentration games, Free Chess game, and more. These categories have been made according to the different functions of your brain. All the games are very interesting and you can improve your memory, reflexes, concentration etc. by playing these games. One such game is Memory improvement, where you have to match the correct icons hidden behind square boxes.

Try Brain Metrix here.

Try out these website and see your memory getting better and better. Do not forget to let us know about it through comments section below.

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