8 Free Websites to Get Chrome Themes

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Get themes for Google Chrome from these 8 free websites to get Chrome Themes. From all these websites you can easily download themes for Chrome. Some of these websites even allows you to create your own theme for Chrome.

Some of the websites only provide themes that can change the background of the browser and some only change the background of new tab. However most of them provide with themes that can change everything from frames to background according the applied theme.

Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store is the official place to get themes for Google Chrome. It houses the largest collection of themes for Google Chrome. It offers Categories and Ratings to filter your search for themes, however under Categories there are only three options: All, By Artists, and By Google. Under Ratings, there are 4 options; 2 star and up, 3 star and up, 4 star and up, and 5 star.  Your best bet is to use Search box to find the type of theme you are looking for.

For using any of the themes from this website you just need to select that theme and then add it to you Google Chrome as a Chrome extension. Once added, the theme automatically takes over your Google Chrome. It changes everything from tabs to background according to the applied theme.

Brand Thunder

BrandThunder is a free website to get themes for Google Chrome. This website deals in providing themes based on its 300+ partner brands. These partner brands include many universities of USA, major Sports teams, Celebrity tributes, Movies, TV Series, etc. These themes basically change your new tab with different images based on the selected themes.

For using these themes, you first need to add MyWeb New Tab extension to your Google Chrome. You get the option to add MyWeb New Tab extension by selecting any of the themes from the gallery. Once you have added the extension, the theme automatically loads when you open new tab. After that you can directly set any theme by selecting them from the Brand Thunder gallery.

Chrome Themes

Chrome Themes  is another free website for Chrome themes. This website is totally meant for getting Google Chrome themes. It has a very large collection of Chrome themes, in the same manner as Chrome Web Store has. It also has a Search option, where you can enter keywords to find relevant themes. You can filter your search by selecting any specific category from Categories drop-down. You can select from 16 different categories of themes like, Animal &Wildlife, Automotive, Cartoons, Female Celebrities, Gaming, Male Celebrities, Miscellaneous, Movies and Novel, Music, Nature, etc.

For applying any of the themes from this website, you need to click on Apply Theme option that comes with every theme. Once you click on the Apply Theme option, the theme gets downloaded and a popup window asking to add that theme appears. You just need to click on “Add” to add that theme to Chrome.

Themes from this website not only changes the background, but also the color of Tabs, Toolbar, Frames, etc according to the applied theme.

Chrome Theme Maker

Chrome Theme Maker is a free website to create your own theme for Google Chrome.  It has two tabs for creating themes. They are images and Colors.

Under Images tab, you can either compile a theme with images from the default gallery for, Frame, Toolbar, Tab, and Background or you can upload images for each of them. The default gallery has various shades of different colors to choose from. Images tab also has options to set Background Repeat and Background Alignment.

The colors tab allows you to set colors for different elements of Google Chrome such as, frame, frame_inactive, frame_incognito, Frame _incognito_inactive, toolbar, tab_text, Tab_background_text, etc.

There is also an option to give a name to your theme.

Once you have set all these options, you can just click on Apply Theme to get that theme. You can also save that theme as a .crx file to use later by clicking on Compile and Download. For using that downloaded theme later, you just need to drag and drop the .crx file on Chrome browser.

The themes from this website can be created to change the color of tabs, frames, toolbar, etc along with the background image.


Chromizer is yet another free website to create your own theme for Chrome. It has a very simple approach for creating themes, as you just need to upload an image for the theme by clicking on Choose file. You can only upload JPEG, PNG, or GIF format image. Once you have uploaded the image, you need to click on Create Theme. After that you need click on Download Link. Once you click on download link, a small popup window to add that theme to Google Chrome appears. You just need to add that theme to apply it.

It also has 3 basic themes to directly apply on your Chrome. They are: Google Classic Theme, SKA-P Theme, and Perspective Theme.

Themes from this website only change the background of the Chrome browser. They don’t change the color of Tab, Toolbar, etc.


Themebeta is yet another free website to get Chrome themes. This website also has a healthy collection of Chrome themes. For selecting themes, the website provides three different option to filter them, they are:

  1. Sort: Here you can sort themes from options such as Hot Themes, Hot 1 Week, Hot 1 Month, Most Likes, New Themes.
  2. Categories: This option allows you search themes based on different categories such as Animal, Anime, Gaming, Nature, People, Sports, and many more.
  3. Resolution: Under Resolution option you can search for these with different resolutions ranging from 1280*720 to 2560*1080.

Once you have located the theme you want to apply, you need to select that theme and then click on Apply theme option to download it. Once its downloaded, you can add that theme from the small popup window which appear after that.

Themes from this website change background image along with the color of Tab, Toolbar and Bookmarks bar


TechNorms is another free website where you can get themes for Google Chrome.  The themes from this websites also change the color of Tab, Toolbar, etc along with the background image. It houses a limited collection of Chrome themes. It has 8 categories of themes, such as Abstract, Movies, Animes, Car n Bikes, games, Travel, Music, and Holidays. It also has a Popular themes category where you can find all the popular themes.

You can get themes fro this website by simply downloading them from the Download option present on each theme. Once the theme is downloaded it automatically asks to add the theme to you browser with a small popup window. You just need to click Add on that popup window.


Userstyles.org is a free website that allows you to get different themes for different famous websites like, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Twitch, etc. However there are no themes on this website that can be set for the Google Chrome itself.

For using these themes you first need to add an extension called Stylish. Once you have added the extension, you can set different themes for different websites either from the website or from the extension itself. The extension icon in the toolbar shows all the active style counts and you can also choose to turn all styles at once from the extension icon.


All the websites listed here are very useful in getting themes for Google Chrome. However, according to me, Chrome Web Store, ThemeBeta, Chrome Themes, and Chrome Theme Maker stand collective winner among all of them.

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