7 Free Best Android Apps From Last Week Ending 29th April

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Here, are 7 free best Android apps from last week ending 29th April. Below are some listed or selective Android apps which I found the best when I installed them on my Android phone.

If you are heading to Google Play Store to search for best apps, then refer the below listed Android apps. I hope you will really find it useful and enjoy them after installing them on your Android phone.


Elixir is a free Android app to find multiple Android system usage on Android. This Android system usage app is really a smart app that tells you your CPU usage, RAM usage, internal and external memory usage and much more on Android. Apart from finding Android system usage, the app also allows you to set Android system shortcuts in the form of Android widget on Android home screen. Android system shortcuts include Wi-Fi shortcut, Bluetooth button, Auto-brightness switch, lock switch, mute switch and much more. The app purely works on the basis of widgets on Android home screen.

Go TaskManager:

Go TaskManager is a free Android app to enable smart task manager on Android. Go TaskManager works when you have installed Go Launcher EX app on your Android phone. Task Manager for Android is specially designed to kill unnecessary apps running on your Android background. As soon as you launch the app on your Android phone, the app offers a list of installed apps which are running on your Android’s background. From there you can easily select one or multiple apps and then kill them altogether on your Android. This free ups your RAM memory which in turn enhances your system working. Apart from killing the apps, you can even lock or uninstall them on your Android phone.

Real Drum:

Real Drum is a free Android app to play drum on Android. This Android drum app brings the feeling of playing real drum when you play it on Android. The app defines its name in a perfect way, as the sound output of the app sounds as if you are playing a real drum on your Android phone. If you are really mad about playing drums and want to learn drum, then do install this Android drum app today on your Android phone. Also, Real Drum app is a very simple and easy to use app on Android. Just touch and play it on your Android phone with ease.

Fast Facebook (Beta):

Fast Facebook is a free Android app to browse Facebook at a faster rate on Android. This Android Facebook app is in beta version now. The app is launched specially to browse Facebook on Android at a bit faster and smarter way on Android. As per my observations, I find this Android Facebook app better than official Facebook app installed on my Android phone. You can easily check your Facebook content which includes Facebook notifications, messages, friend request, photos, status updates and much more. Surfing Facebook with Fast Facebook app is an excellent experience for me. If you are really crazy about your social network (Facebook), then do install this Fast Android Facebook app and enjoy the real Facebook browsing on your Android.

Funny Camera:

Funny Camera app is a free Android app to add multiple photo frames to photos on Android. I don’t know why this Android camera app has been given the name as “Funny Camera” app. When I installed and tested this Android camera app on my Android phone, I didn’t find a single photo frame which looked funny. All the photo-effects available over the app were unique and eye-catching however, none of them were funny, as the so-called name suggests. But then I really liked the app when I installed it on my Android phone, as all the photo frames were awesome in the app. The photo frames looks very real when you import a photo from your Android’s photo gallery. You can even rotate photos within the frame, which is really a very nice part of the app.

mp3 Cutter:

mp3 Cutter is a free Android app to cut an mp3 file on Android. mp3 cutter is one of the best app to install on your Android, when you need to make ringtones out of mp3 files on your Android. This Android mp3 cutter is really a nice and simple app to deal with on Android. Just import any mp3 file in the app, select the part of the mp3 (start point and end point of the mp3 file) which your want to take out of full mp3 file. You can then set the edited mp3 file as your phone ringtone. The very good part of this Android mp3 cutter is its speed to cut an mp3 on Android. The app works quite fast on Android.


PhoneUsage is a free Android app to find usage statistics of your Android phone. Usage statistics includes call, SMS and data statistics on Android. You can easily check the accurate call usage which includes both received and dialed calls. The app offers you the name of the people whom you call the most from your Android phone. Also, the app offers the name of the people from whom you receive most calls on your Android phone. The app displays the name of only those people in your contacts from whom you have most of your conversation on your Android. Along with providing the call stats, the app even provides you the SMS stats and data usage stats on your Android phone.

So, see you next Monday with same best Android apps….Stay Tuned!

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