How to Delete Google Duo Call History

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In this article, you will read about how you can delete Google Duo call history in your android device.

Google Duo is rising among as simple to use video calling platform for various users. This simple application helps you connect with your friends and colleagues in a simple manner. However, if you are an avid user of the Google Duo application and you like to keep your application data free of mess, then you must check out this new feature of deleting call history in the Google Duo Android application.

How to Delete Google Duo Call History?

Google Duo is a simple video calling application provided by Google. This is a simple platform that can be used either on the android or iOS device as well as on the PCs. As simple and easy this application is, deleting the call log and call history in this application is just as much easier. If you want to know how to delete Google Duo call history, you can follow these simple steps.

First, Go to the Google Duo app in your Android Device. There, you can see the recent calls you have made from your account on your application home screen. 

Recent Call Log

Now, you can select any one of the contacts to delete its history. Once you tap on the recent contact, you can see the option on the screen “See History” with three dots.

Click on those three dots, and there you can see the call log history with the selected contact.

Delete Recent Call Log

On the top right corner, you can see three vertical dots, tap on those three dots and there you will see the option of delete call history

Delete Recent Call Log

Alternatively, you can also delete the duo history by clicking on the three vertical dots when you choose the contact to delete the history, and there you will see the option of “delete duo history” as one option. Clicking on that will erase all the history of the chosen contact.

Apart from deleting the Duo history, you can also disable the feature of recording the call logs in the application. For this, simply go to the settings of your device and find application settings option, and from there, choose Duo. There, you can simply click on the permissions and disable the “call log” feature for this application.

There you have it, it is that simple and easy to delete the Duo Call history from the Google Duo Android Application.

In brief

Google duo is a great application to connect with friends as well as acquaintances for a brief meeting. However, if you are the type of person who does not like the messy call log and want to keep all the application data free from the call history, then deleting call history can be an option for you.

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