Free QR Code Generator to Add Events and Meetings in Calendar Automatically

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In this article, you will read about a free online QR Code generator to Add events and meetings in calendar automatically.

Addcal is a website that helps you generate the QR code for the event invite that you want to send to the person. This website makes it easy for the recipient to add the event invite to their calendar without having to meticulously add the invite manually. Moreover, this website supports various platforms of calendar that makes it even more easy to use for any person, Google, Apple, Outlook (online as well as application), Yahoo, and Office 365.

Free QR Code Generator to Add Events and Meetings in Calendar Automatically

Addcal is a free online web application that lets you generate QR code of any event that you might want to put in the calendar. This website helps you in easy accessibility of the event details that you want to share with other people without sending them heavy details about the events in messages or emails. Also, creating a QR code for the events can help in decreasing the effort of other person to add the events in their planner and calendar manually.

So, here is what you have to do to generate the QR Code for your special event and/or meeting. Visit the website of Addcal from any of the web browser by clicking here and start working on adding the details of the event on to the website. You don’t have to sign up to use this website.

Insert Name

Start by naming the event and selecting the date of the event that you want the other person to know in the given fields.

If you want the other person to be available for a specific time limit online and the event is not for the whole day, then you can also add timings to the events as well, by expanding the “set the detail” option below the date field.

Add Date

Then, fill in the details of the events in the “description” box for the other person to know the upcoming event better, and then provide the details of where the event will take place. I have chosen the Zoom Meeting while naming the event so it automatically suggested me to input the URL of the meeting room.


That’s it, then you have to hit on “Create an Event” and the website will redirect you to the generated QR code with all the details in it. This QR code, when sent to others and scanned, will be automatically added to their preferred calendar platform. This website support the calendar of Apple, Google, Office 365, Outlook, Outlook (online), and Yahoo.

Download and Share

This way, you don’t have to send a lengthy email about the event or meeting details that the recipient would have to manually add to the calendar.

In brief

Addcal is a free web application that generates QR code for the event invites that you want to send other people. These QR code event invites, when scanned, automatically gets updated in their preferred calendar platform.

Try this website here. 

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