Free Music Player And Editor for Editing Audio Tracks: JSound

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JSound is a feature rich music player and editor which you can use in order to both play and edit music. It’s available for Linux, Windows and Mac, since it’s Java based. Audio player is just one component of JSound. Next to audio player, you also get a CD ripper, audio converter, music downloader (from various web sources), music recorder and many more audio management tools all rolled up in a single application.

From the interface screenshot which can be seen down below, you can see that this free music player sports a very modern UI design. The two very large equalizers in the bottom right corner are each for one channel, right and left. Underneath the equalizers you can see icons for all the music editing tools that are available.

JSound default window

Rest of the interface, the sidebar on the left and the top right corner playback controls is for managing the music playlist, and of course playing the selected music. Each of the aforementioned icons in the bottom right corner launches a different tool for editing selected songs.

Key features of JSound are:

  • Free and simple to use: easily both play and edit opened music
  • Good format support: plays MP3, OGG, MP2, MP1, WAV, FLAC, AIF, etc.
  • Music cutter: allows you to cut out segments from music tracks
  • Can be used in order to record audio from mic or other audio sources
  • Online radio: comes with a large database of online radio stations
  • Effects and filters: echo, tremolo, chorus, flanger, vibrato, etc.
  • Audio converter: converts all of the supported audio formats
  • Cross platform: works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS (Java required)

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Numerous other tools for processing audio are available, like for example a CD ripper which you can use in order to rip music from audio CDs. Other features useful for playing audio tracks are also available, like you for example get lyrics downloader, which will automatically download lyrics for the songs that you’re listening to.

How to listen and edit music with JSound: free features rich music player and editor

Make sure that you have Java installed and after that install JSound. Songs and audio tracks and general that you’d like to edit should be opened by clicking on the either Add Folders or Add Files button from the top left corner of the interface.

JSound playing audio track

Just playing the audio track is pretty much easy. Once they are loaded to the playlist in the left sidebar, you just have to double click on it.

JSound music editor

To for example cut the audio track that’s playing, you’re gonna have to open up the music editor by clicking on the appropriate icons from the bottom right corner. Left click sets the start of the cut while the right click end. When you’re done, click the Save button, which can be seen next to Play on the image above.


JSound has a lot of interesting features, most of which we were not able to cover here. You’re gonna have to give this free music player and editor combo a try yourself to see what else it has to offer.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, Mac
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