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JustFreeVPN is a completely free VPN service which offers unlimited traffic and servers from United States, Canada and United Kingdom for you to use. It can be easily setup without having to download and install any kind of additional applications or clients. Website offers you information about their VPN servers which allows you to setup a VPN connection without having to use desktop clients or anything like that. Just follow instructions and you’ll have a VPN up and running in no time.

Screenshot down below shows us the usual Windows create connection wizard which is where you start your adventures with this free VPN service. The create VPN connection option can be found by opening up Windows network management inside the Control Panel. Info that you have to use to create a VPN connection and very detailed instructions on how to setup everything can be found on the JustFreeVPN website.

JustFreeVPN default window

VPN servers of JustFreeVPN are located in three different countries, United States, Canada and United Kingdom. This free VPN service uses the PPT (Point-to-Point Tunneling) protocol for extra protection and security when you’re browsing the net. PPTP used by JustFreeVPN has 128bit encryption which protects your from any eavesdropping perpetrated by your ISP.

Key features of JustFreeVPN are:

  • Free and very simple to setup: just follow instructions and your set
  • Cross platform support: Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS supported
  • Easy configuration without any desktop clients being necessary
  • 128bit encryption prevents anyone from sniffing and accessing your data
  • Offers servers in United States, Canada and United Kingdom

To use JustFreeVPN you’ll need to make sure that ports which are used by this free VPN service are not blocked either by your firewall, your router setting and ultimately your internet service provider.

How to surf the web anonymously with JustFreeVPN: free cross platform VPN service

Make sure that you open up the JustFreeVPN website (links available down below) and that you find server information for the VPN server that you’re interested in connecting to, US, UK or Canada.

JustFreeVPN connection setup

Detailed instructions on how to create PPTP VPN connections on all the supported platforms can also be found on the website. For Windows, you’ll have to open up Control Panel, then access Network Connections and select Create new connection. To create a VPN connection you’ll have to select the Connect to workplace option. Follow the wizard, copy VPN server address, username and password from the website and when you’re done you’ll be ready to connect to JustFreeVPN.

JustFreeVPN connection

If the connection isn’t started automatically, you can start it manually from the network system tray icon. Note that if you have any firewalls or your router/ISP is blocking ports then you’ll have problems creating connections.


JustFreeVPN is a very interesting service. It’s free, which makes it most interesting, but we also highly recommend it because during this test, their servers were working very fast, which is surprising, and because they don’t have any restrictions. Give it a try and see how it goes.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Free/Paid: Free

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