Online Photo Sharing Site To Watch Photos With Friends Together

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Live is a free online photo sharing platform that allows you to show photos to your friends in real time and also have an audio chat with them at the same time. You can upload as many photos as you want and then, through a link, you can invite your friends to watch those photos. When you flip to the next photo, the same photo appears on your friend’s screen as well.  While you are busy showing them your photos, you can also have an audio chat with them and tell them stories behind every click. The website allows you to invite and share photos with more than one person at a time and the quality of the photo is also taken care of. However, there are limited image formats that this online photo sharing website supports.

This online photo sharing site works  as a digital photo album. You can show photos to your friends like you are watching an album. An important part in the whole process is that the quality of the photo is not compromised. They remain exactly the same way as you clicked them.

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You can visit the link given at the end of the article to use this online photo sharing website.

You can also try using ShutterCal, PicYou.

Upload Photos And Share The Link

The first step to share photos with your friends is that you have to upload photos that you want to show. There is no registration required and you can start uploading pictures straightaway. There is also no limit to the number of photos that you can upload. You just have to take care that the uploaded images are of the supported format as the website supports 5 image formats. They are:

  • JPG
  • DNG
  • CR2
  • NEF
  • PNG

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Once you have uploaded the photos, the website creates a session and you can invite your friends to join you. There is a link provided by the website that you can mail your friends to invite them. Once they visit that link, their name is added to your guest list. You can invite more than one guest at a time if you want to. After this you can start showing them the photos one by one and also talk to them. As you move on to the next photo, the photo on your guest’s screen also changes automatically in real time. Once you are done showing the images, you can simply close the session and your images will be removed from the website.

Live-online photo sharing-invite guests

Key Features Of This Online Photo Sharing Platform

  • Share photos with your friends in real time
  • Talk to them while showing photos
  • Upload as many photos as you want
  • Quality of the photo remains the same
  • Invite more than one friend at a time and have group chats
  • Supports 5 file formats (mentioned above)
  • Very simple to use and free

Final Verdict

Overall, Live is an amazing photo sharing platform. But still, there are two features of it that caught my attention the most. The fact that that you can invite more than one person to show photos makes it a very useful platform. You can have group conversations and watch photos at the same time. Another feature that impressed was that the image quality did not deteriorate at all. The images remain the same as you clicked them.

Try Live here.

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