How To Hide Retweets from Twitter Feed

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This tutorial explains how to hide retweets from Twitter feed. This is helpful for all who are tired seeing retweets of their Twitter followers on personal feed. In just a single click, you can hide all the retweets of your followers from your Twitter feed. This will work on all the browsers you’re using on your PC and not just one specific browser. For this, you need to use a free website, named “Blindfold“.

Hiding retweets from Twitter feed is not permanent. You can revert changes to view retweets on your Twitter feed anytime you want. In the screenshot below, you can see that earlier, retweets were visible on my feed page.

retweets visible

Now, look at the screenshot added below. As you can see, all retweets are hidden from my Twitter feed.

retweets hidden from twitter feed

Note: This website won’t hide those retweets in which comments have been added by your followers. The rest of the tweets which are retweeted directly are hidden by it. Also, hiding retweets work on web browsers only and not smartphone app of Twitter.

How To Hide Retweets from Twitter Feed?

Step 1: Click on the link present at the end of this tutorial. It will open homepage of this website.

Step 2: On its homepage, you will see “SIGN IN WITH TWITTER” button. Press that button, log in to your Twitter account to authorize this website.

sign in with twitter

Step 3: The website will give you two options: HIDE RETWEETS and SHOW RETWEETS. Both the options are self-explanatory. Use the first option.

click hide retweets button

The website will do its work and hide all retweets from your Twitter feed. You can check it by yourself and you will notice that it is working. The retweets won’t visible now on your Twitter feed.

Step 4: To view retweets again on your Twitter feed, you just need to press SHOW RETWEETS button available on the interface of this website. It will immediately undo the changes.

show retweets

That’s all this simple website does.

Did you know you can also save a Twitter conversation as PDF and check Twitter account creation date of any user?

The Conclusion:

Like many other users, I also get frustrated when I see a huge list of retweets on my Twitter feed, which makes feed section lengthy and less meaningful. Thankfully, now I am able to get rid of all such tweets because of this website. The best part is hiding and viewing retweets of followers on Twitter feed can be done anytime and with just a click.

Try this website.

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