5 Puzzle Games For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 puzzle games for Windows 10. There were two requirements for me to include a game on this list today. First it needed to be fun to play, and secondly it had to run properly on Windows 10. I mostly focused on older type games, in the true spirit of puzzle games, but there are also a couple of titles that are more modern, and bring a new take on puzzle gaming. Since these are puzzle games, they are aimed more at casual gamers, and you won’t have to have high end graphics card or CPU to play them. Let’s see what I managed to find.


I’ll start the list with Sokoban++, a free puzzle game for Windows 10 where you get 50 increasingly more difficult levels of “boxes” that have to be put in their proper place.

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You probably know what Sokoban is all about, so I’m just going to say that this is a very nice desktop adaptation of the game. Using controls from the top left corner menu and toolbar it is possible to save game progress, undo moves, open new level sets and more. Game is controlled using directional keys on the keyboard.

Get Sokoban++.

Everyday Jigsaw

We can’t have a list of puzzle games for Windows 10 without mentioning jigsaws, and Everyday Jigsaw is a great example of a jigsaw puzzle game for Windows 10.

puzzle games windows 10 2

Not every jigsaw puzzle in its store (yeah, there’s a store) is free, but there’s lot of them that are. They range in complexity from 10 piece sets to several hundred pieces in size. Hints are available should you end up being stuck. Best part of Everyday Jigsaw is the fact that you can load up your own images and turn them into jigsaws.

Get Everyday Jigsaw.

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Shooting Blocks 2: Wood Equilibrium

Shooting Blocks 2 offers a relatively new take on puzzle games. It’s probably nothing like the games you played so far.

puzzle games windows 10 3

Goal of this puzzle game is to remove all the empty crates (the ones without green bottles in them) from the level. This is done by left clicking on them. Crates with bottles can also be destroyed this way, and you cannot destroy too many of them either by dropping them off of the screen or by directly clicking on them. Level is passed once all the empty creates are destroyed.

Get Shooting Blocks 2: Wood Equilibrium.

15 Classic Slide Puzzle

15 Classic Slide Puzzle is another puzzle game oldie which is very simple to play and very fun for some light gaming and brain training.

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Goal of the game is to move tiles in such a way so that they go from 1 to 15 from left to right and top to bottom. Game is simplistic, short and kinda addictive, but it’s a great brain teaser.

Get 15 Classic Slide Puzzle.

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Daves Marbles

Daves Marbles is another one of those puzzle games for Windows 10 that tries to invent new fun puzzles for us to solve, and I think that it did exactly that.

puzzle games windows 10 5

In Daves Marbles there’s actually several puzzles going on at the same time. There are 3 wheels which all need to be filled out with the same colors of marbles for the green timer on the left to refill. Should the time run out, you lose the game. Wheels can be rotated and marbles moved between them using the mouse. As you progress through the levels, you’ll be given new colors of marbles to make things more difficult. Open up Help >> Instructions to figure out how everything works.

Get Daves Marbles.


I lost a lot of time and had fun playing all 5 puzzle games from the list above, but the ones that caught my eye the most are Daves Marbles, Sokoban++ and Everyday Jigsaw. Start with these and let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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