5 Image Upload Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 image upload extensions for Chrome which you can use to upload images to image hosting websites and then share them with the world. I found extensions that are going to help you upload files from the computer, others that are going to re-upload images from websites and also those that can create screenshot and upload them to all the more popular image hosts like imgur, Pasteboard, Imageshack, etc.

Let’s look at them below.

imgur Extension by Metronomik

image upload extensions chrome 1

imgur Extension by Metronomik is a Chrome extension for the very popular image hosting website and community that grew around it, imgur.

It supports upload of images from the computer via drag and drop, browser screenshoting with automatic upload to imgur and lastly it also features image re-hosting, which makes it possible for you to re-host images from around the web to your imgur account. You need to connect the extension with your imgur account for all the features to become available.

Get imgur Extension by Metronomik.


image upload extensions chrome 2

Hostpic is another image host for which you can find a accompanying extension in the Chrome Webstore. Extension is going to come in handy should you ever need to upload images to Hostpic both anonymously or to your own Hostpic account.

Images can be uploaded by either re-uploading them from around the web (using the right click context menu) or by creating screenshots of the browser window.

Get Hostpic.

Also, have a look at Free Image Uploader: Jimage Uploader 2.

Image Uploader by Matt

image upload extensions chrome 3

Image Uploader by Matt makes it possible for you to make uploads of images from around the web to all the more popular cloud hosting providers. Overview of supported services can be seen on the image above.

Google Drive is also supported, but you can’t see it listed above because I already connected to it. Images can be re-hosted using the right click context menu. They can be saved to Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Bitcasa, Egnyte, Sharelife, Sugarsync and Copy.

Get Image Uploader by Matt.

Imageshack-Clickberry Browser Extension

image upload extensions chrome 4

Imageshack-Clickberry Browser Extension is the official image upload extension for Chrome for the very popular Imageshack image hosting service.

It will add a top right corner icon from where you can easily open up an image upload dashboard. Images are uploaded from the computer and hosted directly to your Imageshack account. This of course requires you to connect the extension with your Imageshack account.

Get Imageshack-Clickberry Browser Extension.

Also, have a look at Upload Images to Dropbox, Twitter for Sharing: Metro Image Uploader.

imgur Extension by chromium-fan

image upload extensions chrome 5

imgur Extension by chromium-fan is similar to the imgur image upload extension that I covered first, the one published by Metronomix.

Computer upload is supported as are screenshot uploads and reuploads of images from around the web to your imgur account. Extension works best when you grant it access to your imgur account.

Get imgur Extension.


All 5 image upload extensions that I covered worked great, but the two that I enjoyed using the most are imgur Extension by chromium-fan and the Imageshack Browser Extension. These two are very functional and easy to use. Give them both a try and let me know how things went in the comment section down below.

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