20 Best Free Online Workout Programs for Beginners

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Here are 20 best free online workout programs for beginners. These are actually websites which offer dozens of free workout plans that are ideal for beginners. The workout plans range from free-weight exercises to cardio, yoga to low impact training, and so on. They also show how to do the exercises, weekly and daily schedule, what equipment is required, what advantage you get, and so on. Some of these websites have additional options to log and track your workouts, watch video tutorials, etc. The workout plans offered by these websites are ideal for both men and women, in case you are a beginner. Some of these websites come with separate exercises for women.

If you’re a beginner and looking for hitting the Gym or doing workouts at home, then using any of the programs provided by these websites is a great way to get started. They cover basic exercises (as well as intermediate and advanced) workouts which are required to pump up beginners and help in getting strength and building muscles.

workout programs for beginners

We have also covered mobile apps for both Android and iPhone which provides short workout programs to help you gain strength and build muscles.

Now, let us get started with the websites.


FreeTrainers is probably one of the best websites that offer free online workout programs for beginners. There are various plans available such as Gym Training, Cardio, At Home, Exercise Ball, etc. Each plan comes with multiple exercises for beginners which include machine, free-weights, etc. You can set up a custom workout by selecting different fitness goals (like weight loss, weight gain, etc.), equipment available, days of workout, and exercise variations. Then you can generate the workout and add it to the calendar. Keep doing the exercises and track progress on the calendar. Apart from beginners, this website also offers workout programs and exercises for people in intermediate and advanced level.

Changing Shape:

Changing Shape is another free website which provides workout programs for beginners. You can either choose from predefined workout routines or create your own custom workout. To add a workout, you can choose from various exercises based on the muscle group, exercise type, equipment, and more. Apart from exercises that require machine and free-weights, it also allows you to create custom routines for cardio. You can also set fitness goals, see stats of your workouts, track progress on the calendar, etc. This one also exhibits workout programs for intermediate, advanced, and highly advanced levels.

Muscle and Strength:

Muscle and Strength also offers various workout programs for beginners which you can explore and add to your routine for free. You will find programs like 3-Day Bodyweight Workout Plan, 6 Week Complete Beginner Program, Foundation for Muscle and Strength, 4 Week Beginner Kettlebell Workout, and much more. For each program, it shows workout summary, description, and day-wise exercise schedule which includes the exercise name, warm-up sets, and working sets. Apart from workout plans for beginners, this website also provides advanced workouts for Muscle Building, Abs & Core, Fat Loss, video tutorials, etc.

Muscle & Fitness:

Muscle & Fitness is another free website that offers useful workout programs for beginners. There are many routines available like The Complete 4-Week Beginner’s Workout, Beginner’s Guide to Build a Stronger & Muscular Physique, and more. Each of the routines shows the description of the workout, exercises, goal, and more. The exercises are provided on daily basis with information like the name of the exercises, the number of sets & reps you need to do, rest time in between exercises, and even video tutorials. In this website, you will also find workout routines for the intermediate and advanced level, nutrition tips, etc.


Livestrong is also a free website with dozens of workout plans for people at the beginner level. You can simply visit the website and explore plans like A Beginner Guide to Fat Loss, Beginner’s Exercises to Lose Weight Fast, The Beginner’s Guide to Gaining Muscle, and so on. You can choose any of these plans to workout or create your own exercise routine and add to your dashboard. Each workout plan will tell you what to do, what to not, how many reps and set of each exercise, and more. Another interesting feature of this website is “Calorie Counter”. It allows you to set calorie goals and workout depending on that.


BodyBuilding.com also provides dozens of workout plans for beginners which are pretty helpful in building strength and muscles. You will find plans like the Ultimate Beginner 3-Day Full-Body Routine, 5 Shoulder Workouts For Mass, 5 Leg Workouts For Mass, Beginner’s Muscle-Gain Program, and much more. Each plan will include workout routine, exercises, the number of sets & reps for each exercise, exercise images, and more. This one also offers workout program for intermediate and advanced level, nutrition tips, fat loss training, cardio exercises, etc.

Men’s Fitness:

Men’s Fitness is another useful website that provides free online workout programs for beginners. The programs included are Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training, Beginner’s Guide to Boxing Workouts, Beginner’s Guide to Powerlifting, Beginner’s Guide to Yoga for Men, and so on. You can simply explore these plans and see what exercises you need to do, what are the advantages, day-wise exercises, the total number of reps & sets you need to do for each exercise, etc. This website also offers video references for the exercises in a workout plan. Another interesting thing about this website is that it provides nutrition tips for everyone to get a perfect physique.

A Workout Routine:

A Workout Routine is also one of the best websites that offer free online workout programs for beginners to help them gain strength and muscles. You will see programs like Beginner Weight Training Workout Routine, Build Muscle Fast, Turn Fat into Muscle, and so on. It lets you explore and follow the programs for free. You can see the program description, program schedule on weekly basis, exercises you need to do, the number of reps & sets, details & clarification of every exercise, and more. This website also comes with the option to manually create workout routines and follow them on a daily basis.

Fitness Blender:

Fitness Blender is another website that exhibits free workout programs for people who are newbies to fitness. Some of the programs are At Home Workout, Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners, Beginner Training for a 5k, Beginner Exercises for Balance, and more. You can simply open these programs and start following them. For each program, you will be able to see the exercise you need to do, video tutorials, workout details like duration, calorie burn, equipment required, etc. You can also add the workout plans to your favorites or calendar with ease. This website also allows you to filter workout programs by plan length, workout duration, difficulty, body focus, training type, and equipment. This can help you find the perfect plan for you quickly.


StrongLifts also provides some of the useful workout plans for beginners such as Beginner Training Program for Strength & Muscle Mass, Increase Your Bench Press, Deadlift with Proper Form, and so on. You can simply browse this website and explore the workout programs to start following them. The programs will include exercises on weekly basis, what exercises you need to do on a workout day, exercise sets & reps, how to properly do the exercises, video tutorial, and more. One of the useful features is that you can sign up for free email newsletters to get tips on gaining strength and building muscles.

ACE Fitness:

ACE Fitness also provides various useful workout plans which can be used by the beginners to improve their strength as well as their muscles. One of the best thing about this website is that you can directly filter the workouts by body parts and equipment you have access to. That means it will show you all the exercises included in a workout plan based on the body part and equipment you have selected. Each exercise comes with a proper description of how to do that and a workout GIF to help you understand easily. In addition to beginners, you will also find workout plans for people in intermediate or advanced level on this website.


NerdFitness also provides useful and free online workout programs for beginners like Beginner Bodyweight Routine, Strength Training, and more. You can simply open this website and will find the workout plans under the “Free Resources” section. It will show you the description of the workouts, advantages, proper way of doing them, etc. You will also see a video tutorial for the workouts and the exact number of reps you need to do for each exercise. It might not provide a huge number of workout plans, but still whatever plans it has are useful for beginners. Apart from beginners, this website also provides workout plans for people doing workouts at the advanced level.

Zuzka Light:

Zuzka Light is another useful website that provides various workout plans for the people who are starting to hit the Gym or simply started working out. This website includes free as well as paid workout plans for beginners. Some of the free plans are Silent Workout for Fat Loss, Kipp Up Burpee Workout, 5 Minute Kettlebell Swing Workout, Bunny Slope Beginner Workout, and so on. You can browse these plans and then see the schedule of workouts on weekly basis. You will be able to see the importance & advantage of the workout plans, exercises required, reps, fitness level, and more. You can also sign up on this website to keep track of your workout programs.


GymJunkies is a simple website with simple workout plans that can help beginners do workout properly. The programs which you will find include Building Muscle for Beginners, Muscle-Grouping Split, Gym Guide, and more. You can simply visit this website and then explore all the available workout plans to get started with your workout routine. It will show you how to do the workout, what workouts are included in a program, exercises you need to do on daily basis, weekly workouts, and more. They also provide a meal plan service where you can get a customize and paid meal plan for your physique.

Beachbody on Demand:

Beachbody on Demand is another best website for beginners to get free online workout plans. Some of the best plans offered by this website include 3 Week Yoga Retreat, Tai Cheng, Total Body Solution, and much more. The workout plans cover exercises like cardio, dance, low impact, muscle building, slim & tone, etc. You can simply explore the plans, see exercises included, how to do them, equipment required, etc. For video tutorials, you would need to purchase a membership plan. Along with beginners, this website also provides workout plans for the intermediate and advanced level.


Greatist is another free and useful website with dozens of workout plans for beginners. When you browse this website, you will be able to find programs like Kettlebells for Beginners, Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle, Weight Training for Beginners, Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training, and much more. You can open any of these programs to see how they can help you gain strength, build muscles, get proper physique, etc. You will also find the list of exercises, the total number of reps for each exercise, rest time, and much more. This website includes workout plans from basic to advanced which are perfect for beginners.

Men’s Health:

Men’s Health is another simple website where you will find various workout plans that are ideal for beginners. Some of the plans are Beginner’s Guide to Sandbag Training, Beginner’s Guide to Hiking, Beginner’s Sprint Triathlon Plan, Beginner’s Guide to Battling Ropes, and so on. You can easily browse these programs and start working out by following them. They include exercise information, video tutorials, program description, advantages, and more. This website is also not limited to beginners and also offers workout plans for people at intermediate and advanced level. Apart from that, it provides nutrition tips which you can follow to adjust your physique and strength to the workout plans.


SkinnyMs is also a very useful website that offers various workout programs ideal for beginners. Some of the effective programs include 7-Day Fat-Burning Fitness Plan for Beginners, Belly Fat Melting HIIT Workout Routine For Beginners, 7 Best Beginner’s Workouts for Weight Loss to Start Now, and more. You can browse the programs and then see all the exercises you need to do with proper description, image, and other details. All the workout plans found on this website are truly useful for beginners who are starting to workout.


Street-Workouts is a simple website that exhibits various workout programs and easy exercises for beginners. The programs include Beginner Calisthenics Training, Beginner Street Workout, etc. You can also directly browse easy exercises like Split Squats, Plyometric Push-Ups Onto Box, T-Push Ups, Side Plank, and so on. You can open the workout plans, see the required exercise, how to do them, what are the benefits, workout goal, duration, and more. Some of the plans also include video tutorials such that you can understand the exercises better. It also offers advanced and intermediate workout plans.

Zen Habits:

Zen Habits is a free website which focuses more on running, cycling, and meditation aspects of workout for beginners. There are many workout programs available on this website such as Beginner’s Guide to Running, Five Simple Exercise Programs for Beginners, Beginner’s Guide to Cycling, etc. You can explore these programs to see a weekly schedule or exercises you need to do, equipment required, advantages of following the program, how to do the exercises, and more. For those who want to lose weight by burning more calories or be flexible and healthy with yoga, then this website can come in handy.

Closing Words:

So, these are some of the best websites which offer free online workout programs for beginners. All the programs provided by these websites are very useful and effective for the fitness newbies. But, you can choose whatever plan you think you can actually do or have the means for doing them. Personally, I think all these websites are great, but if you want to properly log and track your workout as well, then using “FreeTrainers” and “Changing Shape” is probably the best option for you.

Try them out and let me know which workout plan you’re following in the comments.

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