7 Best Free Online StopWatch Software

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Recently I required a free online stopwatch software in my office to time some applications. When I searched in Google, I was surprised to see how many free online stopwatch websites are there. However, I soon realized that many of them are either filled by ads, or sheer useless.

So, I thought of compiling a list of Free Online Stopwatch websites. These are simple to use, completely free, and vary in features.

1) Free Online Stopwatch from Arantius

This is actually my favorite online stopwatch. That is because this is the only stopwatch on this list that can pop-out in a separate window, so that it stays on top of applications and occupies very small space. I am actually surprised that why other free online stopwatch websites do not offer it as a standard feature.

Apart from this, it also shows lap timings, along with the stopwatch timer.

Try it here.[subscribe-to-us]

2) Free Online  StopWatch

This free online stopwatch from online-stopwatch.com is pretty simple to use. It does not show lap times, and is a good online stopwatch.

Try it here.

3) Stopwatch from OnlineClock

This is a pretty looking free online stopwatch that comes with some customization options. You can choose between colors (Blue/Black/Silver/Green/Orange), and change the size between Small and X-Large. Apart from that, it also shows split time. Pretty good.

Try it here.

4) Online Stopwatch with Buzzer and Time Recording

This online stopwatch has most features as compared to all other online stopwatches on this list. It lets you set time, you can record times, and you can even set a buzzer to go off after a specified time.

Try it here.

All the websites below provide free online stopwatch with just stopwatch feature:

5) Online Stopwatch by ChronMe

6) OnlineStopWatch.Net

7) Web Stopwatch

All these free online stopwatch timers are pretty good. I hope you will find this list useful :)

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