Windows 8 Puzzle Game App Free: Bloqnetic

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Bloqnetic, is a free Windows 8 puzzle game app. The game is all about arranging a set of square boxes having different colored edges. All you have to do is place the boxes in the given area on the playing board, matching the colors at the edges. That is, if square has green color at it’s top edge, then you have to put another square on top of it, which has green color at it’s bottom edge. Same goes for left and right. The game has a total of 20 levels, grouped on the basis of level of difficulty. There’s no time limit in the game, you can take as much time as you can. Just complete the level and move to the next higher level.

Bloqnetic - gameplay

The game is sure fun. On the first look it might seem easy, but, don’t go on the looks as things aren’t always the same as they look in the cover. In fact it’s a cleverly made game, and is quite refreshing. Download the game from the Games Category in Windows Store, and put your brain into some work.

Game play of this Windows 8 puzzle game app:

This game, certainly is a good brain teaser and a great Windows 8 puzzle game to kill some time. Obviously, the game play is what that makes the game interesting and challenging. It has a good concept, and is quite new type of game. The difficulty of the game slowly advances, as you advance in the levels. It’s compulsory to complete the current level to move to next.

Like I said above, there are total of 20 levels in the game. Grouped in 3 groups: 2 colors, 3 colors, and 4 colors. That is, in the 2 colors group of levels, the squares in the playing board have only two colors, red and blue at the edges. In 3 colors, squares have: red, blue, and green colors. And in 4 colors, the squares have red, blue, green, and yellow colors.  So as the colors increases, it’ll be more harder to lay the squares in the right pattern. And to make the game more harder the number of squares (tiles) also increases as you advance in a group.

Bloqnetic - levels

Feels like it’s hard, but you shouldn’t panic, because each level can be cleared. Each level has a solution, all you have to do is find the correct pattern. This is a great brainteaser. The urge to make the right pattern is what that keeps you glued to the game. A really good thing about this game is, it gives all the hits and trails as you need; before making the right pattern. It doesn’t restricts you from making a wrong pattern, but tells you about the wrongly place tiles, by making a cross on the tiles that are not matching.

Bloqnetic - wrong tile placement

This is a game that you can play anywhere-anytime, because you can play it in offline mode, and it runs in all Windows 8 devices. The game controls are very easy, all you need to do is click, drag, and drop the tiles wherever you want. The sounds do okay, and if you want you can mute it by clicking on the volume button at top right corner of screen.

Key features of this Windows 8 puzzle game app:

  • Freely available.
  • 20 levels to complete.
  • 3 game modes.
  • Good game play.
  • Place the tiles in the right pattern, matching color at the corners of tiles.
  • Good graphics and sound.

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Final note:

Bloqnetic, certainly is a good Windows 8 puzzle game app. The gameplay, graphics, concept, and controls; all work really well. Moreover the fact that the game is an offline Windows 8 puzzle game, is what the game more usable. All in all, a good game to try!

Try Bloqnetic here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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