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Modern day computers are insanely powerful machines on their own, having blazing fast processors and oodles of system memory. But it’s the diverse range of software applications available, that makes them the productivity and entertainment hubs that they are. These days, a large number of programs are available for free, but there are some commercial ones for which you have to pay. Generally, unlocking and using paid software involves registering it with an alphanumeric license code (also called product key), and it each copy of the software application has a unique key. But what if you’re a small software developer, wanting to be able to quickly generate multi-length license keys to use with his/her product?

Not a problem, as License Key Generator will take care of that for you. As the name pretty much explains, it’s a simple yet powerful free random license key generator software. It can churn out thousands of randomized alphanumeric license keys with the click of a button. What’s more, you can even specify the length of the keys as well. Sounds interesting, right? Keep reading, it definitely is.

license key generator

How To Use This Free Random License Key Generator Software?

Step 1: Getting started with License Key Generator is a walk in the park. Simply download the lightweight online installer from the homepage, and run it (while being connected to the Internet). Here’s how License Key Generator looks like:

license key generator ui

Pretty simple, right? As seen above, License Key Generator has an extremely simple UI. There are just two fields that let you specify the number of keys to be generated, and the key length (varies between 16 to 32 characters, with four character increments). Other than that, there’s a area that’s populated with the list of generated product keys.

Step 2: Use the Number Of Key and Key Length fields to specify the total number of keys to be generated, and the length of each key respectively. Once done, hit the Start button, and License Key Generator will spring into action, churning out randomized product keys in a matter of seconds. The generated keys can then be directly copied to the clipboard via the button for the same. Here’s a screenshot:

license key generator in action

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Wrap Up

License Key Generator is a straightforward and extremely useful application for generating randomized product registration codes, having features like configurable key length and the ability to generate thousands of license keys at a time. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Editor Ratings:
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