Free Bible Presenter For Linux, Windows, Mac: softProjector

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softProjector is a free Bible presenter for Linux, Windows and Mac. It allows you to quickly show Bible verses on your computer screen, which is then projected on the wall during mass, lectures and so on. Bible that you use can be changed, different language, edition and so on. Large selection of Bibles is available on the softProject website. Next to Bible verses, songs of praise and any arbitrary text of your choosing can be shown and projected.

This free Bible presenter comes in two parts. Main window is for configuring what’s gonna be shown on the projector screen. Next to it you of course also get the project screen, where the selected Bible verse, song of praise or text that you’ve scribbled down is gonna be shown.

softProjector default window

The three tabs that you can see in the top left corner under the standard menu and the toolbar are for switching between the Bible, songs or praise and announcements (this is for arbitrary text).

softProjector projector screen

Whatever you decide to show on either one of the three tabs that we just mentioned is gonna be displayed on the projector window. For best effect, when projecting to an audience, maximize the window so that it’s across the entire screen. Key features of softProjector – free Bible presenter are:

  • Allows you to project Bible verses, songs of praise or announcements
  • Search tool for quickly finding the Bible verse that you need
  • Bible browser – easily move through books, chapters and verses
  • Large selection of Bibles (website) – different language, editing, etc.
  • Add transition effects, fading, shadow, blur, set background image
  • Adjust the text properties – size, font type, position, color, etc.
  • Ability to send the display screen to a different monitor

How to show and display Bible verses with softProjector free Bible presenter

Despite of the very large selection of Bibles that’s available, by default you only get a Russian version. You’ll probably wanna head on to the softProjector website and find the one you need. Links can be found down below.

softProjector search verse

Use either the search tool or the book, chapter and verse browser down below to find the verse one that you’re interested in. To display a verse on the projector simply do a left double click. You can’t see it on the screenshots above, but all the way on the right projector preview is available. There you can quickly switch between verses, next, previous sort of thing.

softProjector verse display

This free Bible presenter will apply the effects, colors, background and different text fonts that you’ve configured by selecting Edit >> Settings.


softProjector is perfect for people who have to quickly and easily find Bible verses so that they can be shown and projected on the screen. Church masses, Bible studies, lectures will find that softProjector is just the thing that they need. Make sure that, if you decide to use this free Bible presenter, that you open up the Announcements tab in case that you need to project something other than Bible verses or songs of praise. With Announcements, you can even use softProjector for other lectures.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, Mac
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